Reunion Review - A Blast from the Past


Imagine a time warp that brings you back to your high school days. Then relive some of the happiest – or maybe some of the most unpleasant - experiences that you had. It’s all possible by just going to visit REUNION, a musical comedy that gives nerdy neurotic novelist Elliot (David Babich) and bored blasé DUI attorney David (Michael Gabiano) a chance to re-experience the joys and stresses of their high school days when they find themselves - through a twist of fate - at their high school reunion.



Have their classmates changed over the years - or have they remained predictably the same? Has the sexy bombshell Margot (Julia Marie Buis) matured - or simply ripened? Is the brilliant valedictorian Patty (Suzanne Mayes) now running the country? Have the only two African American students in the class, Janet and Wayne (Sharon Catherine Brown and Marc Cedric Smith), come back to share the good or the bad memories…and how did the future turn out for them? Has the pretty, artistic Amelia (Kim Reed) found what she’s looking for? Will they all rediscover a little piece of themselves that was left behind, and perhaps find someone familiar to share it with once again?




REUNION is the brainchild of talented and award-winning authors and musicians Marc Ellis, Michael Lange, and David M. Matthews; and it grew out of their own high school reunion memories. The show is enhanced by 22 catchy tunes which highlight moments in time for the characters, including songs like “Snap It,” “Another Notch on My Gun,” “The Girl That Can’t Say No,” “Chardonnay,” and “Choices Made.” The viewer is invited to decide which memorable high school moments are being targeted. Anyone who has gone to his high school reunion - be it for ten years or longer - will relate to this tale. Those who chose to forego their high school reunions will remember just why they made that decision. Either way, this musical should resonate with anyone who spent some time in high school. It is light and snappy fare that will have your toes tapping. At the same time, REUNION has a relatively predictable plot with no twists, turns, or surprises. Characters are also rather one-dimensional – giving the show a bland and superficial feeling. The music, however, never disappoints.




The cast works seamlessly as a team to draw the audience into their festivities and foibles under the artful direction of Kay Cole, who also functions as choreographer. Kay has at her disposal some of the finest voices and dancing shoes available. Joel Daavid’s set, Matthew Richter’s lighting, Drew Dalzell and Alex Mackyol’s sound, Mylette Nora’s costumes, and Yee Eun Nam’s projection design add to the production’s joyful but sometimes bittersweet ambiance. 



Reunion Cast, Writers, and Crew After-Party - Photo by Judith Bourne


REUNION runs through December 13, 2015 at 8 p.m. Fridays and Saturdays and 3 p.m. on Sundays. The NoHo Arts Center is located at 11136 Magnolia Blvd., North Hollywood, CA 92601 with both street and paid parking available. Tickets are $34.99. For reservations, call 323-960-7773 or go online at



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