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Friendly psychic Thomas John

This morning I was visited by my mother-in-law. This was a surprise, since she passed away in 2010. As always, she had to mention her sons, “the boys,” and her beloved husband Don who she identified with the letter “D”.  She mentioned Chicago, her home. I think she wanted to tell my husband, her son to go visit him in the nursing home.

Kathy in Chicago

This was an unexpected happening at my reading with psychic medium and clairvoyant Thomas John. I was hoping to experience someone from the “other side” for the first time, but never would have expected a visit from Kathy, who I had a cordial but distant relationship with.  But there were so many details, it had to be her.


Thomas John like the boy next door

Thomas John was talking to me on the phone from his home in Manhattan, where he sees clients and gives them mediumship, psychic or energy clearing sessions. John is an internationally regarded psychic sensation who has conducted hundreds of readings across the country and beyond. He is warm and amiable, like talking to a friend. His clients have included Wall Street moguls, doctors, and lawyers as well as several high-profile celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez and Courtney Cox. His write-up says that his readings “provide unequivocal evidence of the survival of consciousness.” I would say there was pretty good evidence here.

Thomas John speaks from the heart

I was actually hoping to get a visit from my dearly beloved pet Zukie who also died in 2010. Thomas John said animals are not his forte, but in my case there were so many animals around me. He accurately knew Zukie was a small dog with white hair and another color on her head. He said she felt that she had a really good life, “better than any other lifetime” and that I “treated her like a queen.”  He also accurately sensed that I presently have two dogs, and I am very close to nature.  I was happy to hear that my spirit guide is “Mother Nature.”


Zuckie on a hike

We chatted a little before the reading, when I asked him when he first felt his abilities. He doesn’t remember not having abilities but since his parents were strict religious Catholics, they didn’t get developed until college. Eventually he opened up to his parents about his path and thankfully they were accepting of  him.

Thomas John sees and hears and smells clairsentiently at times and he feels he is very strong in clair-cognizant where he has strong ideas with a sense of knowing. Most of his clients come to him in order to know the future or get in touch with someone particular who has passed. However, anyone who has passed who wants to come through may come through and John cannot call on someone in particular necessarily to come. He says the mediumship is more validating, since the future really is dependent on free will. There is much more on his website, including predictions for the year, and a chance to sign up for a reading by phone.

Thomas John stirs a crowd at a NY event

But what about my acting career???! He sees me on a big project with lots of cameras on tv, but not right away and maybe not local—I may need to travel to the East Coast, but a show that could empower people. My legacy lies ahead! A trip to Hawaii may also be important. He feels I am on an accelerated path which could be just beginning… look out world!


Georja Umano is an actress/comedienne and animal advocate-and a rising star!!


Thomas John can be reached at:

[email protected]


214 W. 29th Street #16

New York City

30 minute reading is $60

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