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The highly-anticipated return of the fan-favorite soap opera classic, One Life To Live --which will be available digitally on Hulu, Hulu Plus and iTunes on April 29th! 

Now entering the digital stratosphere, One Life To Live is out with the old and in the new with an edgier and bolder look to spice things up in the legendary city of Llanview. This season, you can expect reoccurring roles by MTV's Jersey Shore JWoWW, High School Musical star Corbin Bleu and special guest appearances by popular music artists and more to bring that contemporary twist to the story.


Many people remember Corbin Bleu from his High School Musical days, however this go-getter has been in all aspects of the entertainment realm, Broadway, music, television, and film. Laura Harrier, who is also on the show, is best known for her outstanding style and fashion.


Corbin Bleu from 'One Life to Live'! Courtesy Photo


Corbin will play Jeffrey King, described as a “brilliant young reporter,” by TOLN, one who relocates to Llanview to work for Victoria Lord’s (Erica Slezak) newspaper, “The Banner.”  Laura Harrier (Destiny) – Destiny is a hot young single mother, who got pregnant in high school by Matthew Buchanan, and is raising their son, Drew, on her own. Destiny is a beauty who turns heads everywhere she goes, but she can’t quite get the attention of her baby’s daddy.


Laura Harrier from 'One Life to Live'! Courtesy Photo

This NYC native, model has been in top-tier publications such as: Elle, Cosmopolitan, and Glamour. Splash Magazines got the chance to talk with two of the cast members about the show, behind the scenes, and the oh so new edge that will have viewers craving more!


Sargent: One Life To Live (OLTL) has been around for ages, how would you compare the cast and plot now to the cast and plot of the past?


LH: Now it’s like a new revival series. It’s a lot more that we can do and say on camera, so we have more creative freedom which makes it more realistic. It just feels like we can do more because it’s more authentic, very modern, fresh, and just real life drama.


CB: We do have a lot of old players coming back. It’s great working with the vets [they are] incredible on and off set. I learn a lot, and I think everyone that is new brings great flavor to the feel. The show has a very young cast along with a lot of originals- people will definitely enjoy it as it has the same great story lines. The cool thing is now we are on hulu and itunes we can be more edgy, that will appeal to everyone tuning in!


Sargent: What’s it like being on the show?


LH: It’s been so fun, everyone has been so great and really helpful. It’s pretty exciting for my first major acting job and I couldn’t be happier.


CB: When it comes to soap operas it’s really great exercise! The amount of pages per day on films and television maybe 6-10 pages a day this is 80-100 pages a day. You are learning so much. Needless to say, my mind is going through a major workout! [laughs]


Sargent: Laura, knowing your fashion background can you give us a little behind the scenes of the wardrobe?


LH: I’m a New Yorker so I wear a lot of black, vintage, and leather. But with the show I get to wear a lot of fun colors, patterns, short skirts, and big jewelry. Susan Cavalari is our stylist, and she is great! We wear a lot of top shop, H&M, BCBG, and Alice + Olivia, and of course Aldo flats!.


Sargent: Would you say your character that you play on the show has similar similarities to yourself?


LH: We are definitely similar. My character is really passionate about the things she believes in. and if we want something she goes after it. I can really relate to her and its really easy!


CB: There are similarities, we are not exactly the same but not exactly different. I love that he is able to spit out information without thinking - which is really cool and a tough thing to do for me. He just knows his stuff for journalism, which is awesome! I’d say he is overall a driven person, really cool, and there’s a laid back side to him which makes us similar.


Sargent: What can we expect from the show? If you had to give people one sentence to why they should tune in. what would it be?


LH: The show is something that you’re not expecting; it’s not the stereotypical soap which has another connation. Everyone is great; it is something new and fresh that you can [and will] love. Having to watch it online is awesome it makes sense for peoples live now. 


CB: Its all about story lines and characters. You get wrapped up in a world there is never an episode that is the same. Soaps are drama and there is always something dire happening! I like it because it’s on the web, you don’t have to wait for it to watch it on television. You can watch it on your phone tablet, put it on your computer makes it convenient.





ONE LIFE TO LIVE is situated in the fictional town of Llanview, which is located in Pennsylvania outside Philadelphia. “One Life” is a family, character driven drama that is filled with action, romance, comedy, and pushes the boundaries of entertainment by exploring cutting edge social issues.

It is without a doubt that this will be one interesting and memorable season that you won't want to miss!

Be sure to stay tuned for the 30-minute season premiere on Monday, April 29th



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