O My God Theatre Review - Does God Need Therapy?

O My God - Mike Burstyn

What would you do if God came to you for therapy?  What would you say if you found out that HE was depressed? 

Ella, an Israeli psychologist, dealing with her autistic son, Lior, is suddenly introduced to a new patient who says he needs her immediately.  Amazingly, he seems to know all about Ella.  Is she being investigated?


O My God - Maria Spassoff and Mike Burstyn

It takes her a few moments to realize that G is whom he claims to be as she argues with HIM why HE needs man and why man needs HIM and even more important, where was HE with all the catastrophes that have befallen the Jewish people. 

The American premiere of a hit Israeli dramady, O My God, starts its run at the Pico Playhouse. Starring Mike Burstyn as G (aka God), Maria Spassoff (Ella) and Joseph Rishik (Lior), the play is both funny and thought provoking.  The full house both laughed and listened as they absorbed what was being said. While said in the guise of comedy, many of the questions were profound and emotional. While the main characters are Jewish, the play is just as compelling for all religions.  


O My God - Maria Spassoff and Mike Burstyn

An internationally acclaimed American-Israeli actor, Mike Burstyn has been seen in numerous productions and fitted the role of G exceptionally well as did Maria Spassoff.   It was Joseph Rishik’s cello playing that introduced the play and his, albeit limited, role as the autistic son was accurate and effective.

Written by the late Anat Gov and produced by Jean Himmelstein with Bill Forggatt as associate producer, the play is directed by Howard Teichman.


O My God - Maria Spassoff and Joseph Rishik

Stage management and lightning design was done by  Gil  Tordjman  and Kurtis Bedford designed the sets while Ken Werther did the publicity  while Michael Lamont did the photography.

Howard Teichman, who is also head of the West Coast Jewish Theatre, explained that the theatre company almost closed down due to funding, despite their last hit, The Whipping Man, but several anonymous donors came up with the monies needed to keep the doors open.  Among those they thanked were  Bruce and Madeline Ramer, Barbara Sanders, Ruth Flinkman-Marandy, the Gonda family, and William Abmanson.

A non-profit corporation, The West Coast Jewish Theatre promotes new and contemporary playwrights whose plays deal with Jewish themes. 


O My God - Maria Spassoff

The first of several interesting forthcoming plays – Romance .com and Fugu, O My God performances, which runs until June 7, 2015, is sponsored by the West Coast Jewish Theatre.  Shows are at 8 p.m. on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays with Sundays at 3 pm.  Tickets cost $35 with student discounts of $25. 

For tickets or more information call 323-821-2449 or go to West Coast Jewish Theatre.



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