Nicky's Family Movie Review --The British Schindler

In the years 1938-1939, just before the formal outbreak of World War II,  Hitler busily attacked and annexed many countries including   Czechoslovakia. 


Nicky's Family

In London, British stock broker, Nicholas Winton, on his way to a skiing trip in Switzerland, received a call that changed his life.  His friend was in Czechoslovakia and told him how desperate the situation was for the people there, especially for the children.  A single man, he had no kids but, nevertheless, their plight called out to him. 


The gripping documentary Nicky's Family tells this mostly unknown story of how a young Englishman single handedly organized kindertransport for over 669 Jewish and Slovak children.  Like Schindler, he went through many hoops as he wrote letters, forged papers and tricked the Nazis into releasing the kids.  The only country he could find to take the émigrés was his own England.  The children would be adopted into English homes for the duration of the war. 


Nicky's Family: British mother choosing adoptive child

Many families, heart broken at the thought at leaving their children, saw the writing on the wall and knew that the safety of their boys and girls came first.  Even so, it was hard to release them.  Most of the children never saw their families again. 


Nicky's Family: A desperate mother takes her child from the train

Today, as a result of Nicky Winton's efforts, there are over 6,000 descendants of those 669 children and almost all of them engaged in doing good, passing it forward.  Many of the children did not even know their benefactor until many years later when his wife discovered the old scrapbook with the names and photographs of participants.  She brought it forward and made the story public and it was picked up by award winning producer Patrik Pass and Matej Minac.


Nicky's Family: Matej Minac and Nicholas Winton

Seventy years later, the rescued children came together, many with their families, to thank Nicky Winton for their lives, and retold how they, too, now work to make the world a better place.   At the age of 99, Winton, was knighted by the Queen and now at 104, there is a push to help him receive the novel peace prize.


The movie contains not only reenactments but footage, some never seen before, of the war effort.  Renown personalities as the Dalai Lama and Nobel Prize winner Elie Weisel are also featured in the film. 


Nicky's Family: Nicky and Queen Elisabeth II

Menemsha Films will open Nicky's Family on July 19 in both New York and Los Angeles.  In NYC, it will be at the Quad Cinema, JCC Manhattan, Kew Gardens, and Malverne;  in LA, it will be featured at the Laemmle Royal, Town Center, and the Playhouse 7 in Pasadena.  The film will also be available on Video on Demand.  A national release will follow.   Nicky's Family has earned rave reviews from audiences around the world, winning over 32 awards at festivals. 


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