Malibu's Troubles: A Kickstarter to Save PCH

Malibu - a internationally known hub of surfers, cyclers, movie stars and beauty - is in danger. 


PCH: Malibu

PCH- Pacific Coast Highway - is considered to be one of the most picturesque roads in America.  Twenty -seven miles of it flows through the city of Malibu. It's also one of the most dangerous.   Despite its beauty, highway has taken its toll on the residents and although Malibu has only 13,000 residents, the accident rate, thanks to PCH, resembles a city with a much larger population.  


I don't usually get involved in Kickstarters because I find most of them rather self serving, but PCH: Probably Cause Harm is definitely one that I wanted to get involved with.  This isn't about raising money for a Zach Branif movie or a Veronica Mars film, this story is about people. 


Despite protests and a grass roots organization, which has recently spouted up, nothing has been done to make the roadway safer.  In fact, the problem gets only worse.  Rescue sirens commingle crashing waves on a daily basis.  This idyllic paradise is deadly. 


The documentary project started by Michel Shane, producer of movies such as I, Robot and Catch Me If You Can,  was inspired by the death of his daughter.  On April 3, 2010, young Emily Shane lost her life while safely, she thought, approaching a crosswalk along PCH.  She was on the way to meet her father.   Little did she expect the maniacal driver speeding down from the top of Topanga Blvd determined to kill himself and anyone in his way.  Emily died instantly. 


PCH: Probably Cause Harm Film

But the story isn't just about Emily Shane, but she was the youngest to die on PCH. During the four month time after Emily's death, eight more people met their fate along the five-mile stretch in the beach-side enclave and this scene is constantly being repeated but no one is doing anything to rectify it.   Drunk drivers, speeders and the lack of a substantial embankment along the highway, creates a lethal framework.  To this date, there have been another 20 killed or injured.   When and how will it stop? 


Directed by Paola  Cutri, and edited by Jon Bachman, the film, which will also have a name star narrating, is being done almost completely by volunteers for the cause.  It addresses why this horrific situation is happening and exposes the obsolete road infrastructure and insufficient traffic regulation as well as examining Malibu's other safety hazards.   The movie will highlight many of the families who have lost loved ones on PCH and will share perspectives from sheriff's deputies, tow truck drivers, cabbies, and others who have experienced first-hand carnage on the road.  It will include interview with celebrities who have been involved in accidents on this beautiful highway. 


While the film doesn't have the answers, it hopes that the documentary will get people talking, will cause some action to be accomplished.  It will explore measure that might be taken to make the road safer and hope that engineers, traffic experts and law enforcement officials can provide some solutions.   


PCH: the site of the murder

Getting the film out there presents the major challenge.  While the feature is currently in pre-production and interviews are being secured, the track record of Michel Shane should prove a boost when the documentary distributes and shows various film festivals and potentially in the theatre.  Monies raised will not only fund the film, but anything left over will go to a foundation to insure that the message of the movie sticks.  Libraries and schools will receive the film for free. 


No, I don't live in Malibu, but the documentary is one that affects all of us in Southern California and that all of us need to be made aware of.  This is a story that demands exposure. 


Their goal of $35,000 has barely been touched.  There are only 12 days left to continue the Kickstarter campaign -- otherwise everything will be for naught.  Please go to the following link - or go to Kickstarter and look up Probably Cause Harm -  and help us make PCH safer.


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