Lucha VaVOOM at The Mayan Theater - Halloween 2014


What do you get when you cross a man dressed in a chicken suit, a burlesque dancer, human pinata and crowd packed to the rafters? Lucha VaVOOM of course!


What an awesome way to celebrate Halloween. This is one eye popping spectacle, and if you happened to be seated a little close when the masked Mexican wrestlers hurtled themselves from the ring into the audience, you might just want to make sure you don't lose an eye!


Only in LA would one event bring together so much color, so much over the top, so much mish-mashed gaudy theatrical la dee daa.


Set at the decorative Mayan Theater in downtown Los Angeles, Lucha VaVOOM is an institution with a dedicated legion of fans. The night kicked off with Bobcat Goldthwait – one of the hosts of the evening being cheered into reviving his characters voice from Police Academy and when he refused one of the hefty wrestlers came to the stage and promptly head locked him into line....


Dirty Sanchez started off the wrestling. Complete with white wife beater pulled up over his bulbous belly and capped with a mask adorned with a huge mustache, he front flipped over the ropes into the ring. A favorite move for these showmen.


A stream of wrestlers then came in and out of the ring in pairs. Most out of shape, slightly chubby, but with killer action moves, loads of posing and hilarious elbow jabs, ball grabbing, head butts, body slams, bouncing off ropes, legs straddled around necks and coordinated flips, rolls, and take outs of their opponents. And when they really upped the ante some took the action out of the ring and launched themselves with daring leaps into the audience – flying full force and being caught by the burly 'securidads'. And my favorite, the miniature living and breathing pinata who rained candy with every point of impact. There were more zany costumes and lycra than you could poke a stick at.


The human pinata


Interspersed were smoking hot burlesque strip tease acts – including a tall lean lady boy who worked spectators into a frenzy with her long hair being whipped back and forth, legs being kicked and hips aggressively gyrating.


Peaches and Black Sabbitch provided some rocking half time musical entertainment with the lead singer wearing great bat wings from her arms which she extended to the ceiling dramatically.


There were clowns with oversized mallets that came in and cleared the ring when things got heated. A referee that did his best to keep things 'fair' and at one stage copped it from one of the wrestlers and returned with a bloody bandaged head, an emcee who addressed the crowd in Spanish throughout and let's not forget the largest and most dazzling mirror ball you've ever seen.


It was electric and magnified insanity. There was nothing sugar coated. It was dirty, it was raw, it was real, and every ounce as unreal. It was the ordinary turned into the extraordinary. It was LA showing all her faces. And it never missed a beat. When the emcee called LUCHA to the crowd, VAVOOM came straight back.


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