Low End Theory Review- Los Angeles Prime Hip-Hop Hot Spot

It’s 1 am in the morning and yet we’re jumping off of the sofas as we dance to the perfect blend of hip-hop, reggae, and house music. Sweating droplets throughout the night with the amount of people packed for the evening, but when I hear the bass drop as it vibrates off the speakers, I realize it’s all worth it. Welcome to The Airliner Club,host venue for The Low End Theory Nights, a weekly experimental hip hop and electronic music event which holds it’s residency in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Japan, with featured deejays including The Roots’ Questlove, Flying Lotus, Tokimonsta, in addition to the resident deejays: Gaslamp Killer, D-Styles, and Daddy Kev

On September 12,The Airliner Club had special guests Peanut Butter Wolf and Free the Robots on deck, ready to lay down some magic for the beautiful Los Angeles crowd. Founder of the hip-hop label Stones Throw Records and prolific deejay, Peanut Butter Wolf made sure to mix some classic hip-hop jams such as A Tribe Called Quest while contrasting it against Quincy Jones vibes. Bouncing his head in sync to the beats, the crowd responded warmingly to what our ears were being blessed with. Was that a grin I caught from Peanut Butter Wolf? Clearly, he’s not playing games tonight. But alas, he’s just getting started and my ears hear a familiar Dilla track in the background.. the beat drops, and my hip-hop appreciation allows me to almost lose my mind but I catch myself. Free the Robots (real name: Chris Alfaro) was in attendance as well, riding the same waves of experimental hip-hop while fusing jazz into the mix. 

Just moments earlier Gaslamp Killer was onstage, bobbing his distinct afro-like curls to what I’m pretty sure is music they would play in Jupiter. Peanut Butter Wolf let the crowd know that GLK actually had just arrived from a 12 hour flight from London. “That’s right y’all.. I just brushed my teeth right now in the bathroom.”

“Energy and dedication. That’s what it takes.” Peanut Butter Wolf says with a nod of acknowledgement as he embraced GLK. Energy and dedication. That’s what separates the performer from the crowd. And that’s the realest truth you’ll hear tonight.  

30 minutes later, Peanut Butter Wolf makes his way towards the exit and I give him a thumbs up, he pauses and shakes my hand, as he grins in appreciation.

Hello Wednesday nights, you will never be the same.  

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