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Los Globos: The Silverlake Late Night Dance Standard

By Anjeli Jana

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Historcal venue still host to late night dance events after groundbreaking past and recent makeover


Can a dance hall that was built in the 1930's - the first American Legion hall, the premier openly gay LA venue, and host to the nation's first legal rave - still maintain its raging reputation after a full makeover that was completed just last year? That was the question of the evening.  I arrived at Los Globos to find my photographer for the night already at the venue, chatting up some people outside the front entrance.  She also happened to be my long time friend (from when we both lived in San Francisco years ago), who was only in town from Portland for the evening, and quite the formidable dance floor diva. She seemed quite intent on getting her groove on.


My fears of throngs of skinny hipsters wearing tight black jeans and jaded attitudes quickly subsided as we entered a room of sharply dressed twenty- to thirty-somethings (with a few hardcore post-raver types of various ages thrown in for good measure).  We were each presented with an 11" x 17" poster (suitable for framing - see above) of the night's festivities at the door as we made our way to the main bar. The next few hours were filled with dancing to sets by LA's own WMX (So Simple) and Dazz Moov (Futra), followed by a set from Detroit Underground's Derek Michael.  I lost my photographer and old friend somewhere on the bustling dance floor just after we both visited the evening's featured installation.


Experiencing Future Eyes - along with my guide (right)


The Future Eyes eyewear folks (along with Astral Eyes) put on quite the eleborate and enjoyable interactive installation, showcasing their custom line of kalidescopic designer eyeglasses.  A long, narrow, flowing carpet that resembled a flattened disco ball led from a small table to a set of steps.  A young silver space cadet approached and asked me if I would like to see everything "As it truly is" by trying on a pair of Future Eyes.  She placed the glasses over my eyes and led me by the hand down the disco ball carpet and up the stairs, eyes closed. When I reached the top she said, "Now, look!"  I gazed forward and saw the twisting shadow of the DJ pulsating amidst the glorious multi-colored light projection of Michael Allen, and yes - truly, it was quite lovely!


Jimmy Edgar - DJ Set


The evening was capped off by a well-rounded, yet delightfully dirty DJ set by Hotflush Recordings artist and Berlin via Detroit Electro-Wizard, Jimmy Edgar.  His late night, two-plus hour set went way past the standard 2:00 am last call, and featured nods to the Classic House of Inner City, the Industrial darkness of Nine Inch Nails and the Hip Hop swagger of The Notorious B.I.G., among many varied others, as he effortlessly shifted genres, decades and BPM.  He humbly (although, slightly disappointingly) opted not to play many of his own recent releases off of his inspiring latest full length release, Majenta. Yet, his ultra-sweet, late evening selections did have me grinding the air, with a smile on my face, in a full blown dance floorgasm - at 2:38 am.


Jaymie Valentine


At approximately 3:00 am, my photographer friend reappeared, unscathed.  She had an exhausted, yet satisfied smile on her face, a look I remember well from our old San Francisco club days.  It was the look that signaled that her groove had been successfully gotten for the evening.  As we both made our way out the venue front door (and towards the awaiting taco truck parked just outside), we spotted Jaymie Valentine - a.k.a. the Late Night Hoop Girl - still spinning and dancing away to the throbbing tunes.  


Not bad for a Thursday night!


Photos:  Copyright © 2012 Anjeli Jana

Published on Oct 01, 2012

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