Lizzy Small at The Mint Review - This Small Gal is a Big Hit


There are numerous popular music venues throughout Los Angeles. One of the most iconic is The Mint on Pico Blvd.  It’s been around for decades and still captures appreciative audiences by bringing excellent musical artists to its stage.


Lizzy Small sings at The Mint


Wednesday, August 23rd, 2017 was no exception.  Opening the evening with a 40-minute set was the enchanting and talented, singer-songwriter, Elizabeth “Lizzy” Small.  It was a night of firsts for the 21-year-old Small: the first time she appeared at the Mint; and the first time she sang the first of her songs. She introduced her first tune by indicating it was about letting go of control – and the lyrics told us “Not everything falls together perfectly.”  For Lizzy on this night, it was the opposite – everything did fall together perfectly.


Lizzy Small at The Mint


Often a performance can be judged by the audience’s reaction – and it was easy to see the patrons loved Lizzy and her music. A throng of smiling young women filled the dance floor in front of the stage, moving their arms and bodies along to the music. It was reminiscent of how the crowd behaves when top stars sing at major venues. The Mint is an intimate space, but all these fans showed major enthusiasm for Ms. Small.



Lizzy has a fresh, wholesome quality to her style and voice, and radiates with warmth and youthful charm. Her repertoire included several songs she co-wrote with David Pramik. Their original single, Always Be There, lit up the internet a year ago when it was first released. Within a few days, the song had millions of listens and created tremendous buzz for Lizzy.  Their formerly written song, Gravity, was previously released as a popular music video.


Her other songs included Just Right, co-written by Lizzy Small, David Pramik and Ruby Chase, as well as some covers by more well-known artists, Amy Winehouse’s, Valerie and Britney Spears’ Toxic. Her musicians were Joey Lopez on guitar and Luis Briones on Drums.


Small is a triple-threat performer, known for her dancing and acting abilities as well as her singing talent. She has won dozens of dance competitions and studied with notable choreographers, such as the dynamic Debbie Allen.  Just recently Lizzy performed a highly choreographed Gravity, with backup dancers, for a benefit at the Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Plaza. She also performed at the Avalon in Hollywood.



Acting-wise, Small is a veteran of more than 70 television commercials, music videos, and variety shows. She was a regular on the Discovery Kids Series Hip Hop Harry and had a featured role opposite Tim Allen in Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause. Another feature film, Spare Parts, cast Lizzy in a supporting lead opposite comedy legend, George Lopez.


What's next on tap for Lizzy? She has happily indicated, "Next up for me will be the Soundcloud and Internet release of my own version of Justin Bieber’s Let Me Love You”, being produced by Elliot Lanam who worked on Katy Perry’s Prism album.'"




Small has said: “I love nothing more than entertaining and inspiring others through my music.” The night at The Mint was proof that she accomplished this goal. After ending her set, the crowd called for an encore and Lizzy accommodated them with one more song. She is an artist who is sure to have many more successful concerts.


Fortunately, we can all look forward to more music and entertainment from the lovely and talented Lizzy Small as she gets bigger and bigger on the charts and in our hearts.


If you were unable to catch Lizzy Small at The Mint, join her three million Soundcloud listeners and check out her music online by clicking below:

 Always Be There – Single on Sound Cloud

Gravity Video – Music Video on YouTube  

Visit Lizzy Small's Website


Photos at The Mint, courtesy of Turk Entertainment

Album Cover Photos, courtesy of Lizzy Small

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