Life in the Middle Ages - Fun at Fringe

Written and performed by Steve Ochs at the Theatre Asylum


You can’t even get in to see Life in the Middle Ages unless you’re over 30. Take that, hipsters.


Because this one-man performance is for us—the meat of the sandwich generation—scooching up in line toward geriatric city and inevitable death, holding our little pink numbered stubs, and waiting to be called.


Writer and performer Steve Ochs takes us on this journey, not only telling us his own story but laying out the thoughts we’ve had ourselves yet were never quite able to articulate.  You’ve got hair growing where?  How many times do you get up to pee at night?  At what moment, exactly, did you realize you were not immortal and how deep was your ensuing depression?


For such heavy material, Ochs has a deft talent for making it consistently funny.  He’s 52 and looks a lot younger not to mention fantastic, the result of a death-defying workout and eating regimen that ultimately failed to turn back the hands of time (as it will for you too).  More storytelling stand-up gig than theatrical performance, Ochs knocks down the fourth wall with a sledgehammer and a smile.  He’s foul-mouthed, glib, self-assured, and dead on.  Best of all, Ochs gives us not just illumination but coping skills if not a downright solution to our fears.


The Hollywood Fringe Festival is an annual celebration of the emerging arts and there are over 170 projects over the next three weeks.  The Festival takes place June 16-26, 2011.  Performances are self-produced by local, national, and international arts companies and independent performers.  In the spirit of most Fringes,  participation is open and uncensored.


While those youngsters who cannot enter can pacify themselves with a six-pack of Pabst Blue Ribbon, I suggest you grab your 2x readers (where are they?) and get your tickets ASAP.  Fringe Festival events are short-lived. (Ha!)  Available online here or call (323) 960-7612 to order by phone.



Asylum Lab

1078 Lillian Way (at Santa Monica Blvd.)

Los Angeles, CA 90038


Insufferably bad street parking only, so plan to get there early.



Thu, Jun 09 – Sun, Jun 26

Saturday, June 11 @ 8pm

Saturday, June 18 @ 7pm

Monday, June 20 @7pm

Tuesday, June 21 @7:00pm

Saturday, June 25, 2011 2:30pm

Sunday, June 26 @ 7pm 



Running time is about 75 minutes with no intermission.





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