Late Night Drawing Workshop Review - Turkish Delight with a Club Party Vibe

Photography by   ©2014 Greg Autry


Turkish Delight is an amazing late night drawing event for Artist, and now for everyone who wants to enter  the world of creativity and art. Turkish Delight has become a highly anticipated Event in the Southern California Art Community, as well as San Francisco.   



Art model and Entrepreneur,  Jennifer Fabos Patton,  puts on art and drawing workshops throughout the year with her Gallery Girls. Started about 15 years ago, the name Gallery Girls was created in 2006 as a result of continuous request  to hire the models for art workshops, and  for parties and events.



Art workshops and schools offer drawing sessions that are staid affairs at best. Same models doing the same monotonous poses, typically daytime and 3 hours long.  Jennifer broke the mold by creating themes, and adding music.  DJ Jason Savyy is the Music Standard Bearer for the Gallery Girls, creating playlist specifically for each workshop, based on the themes and the models scheduled.  Jason is also Set DJ  for Malabomba, at various venues throughout Los Angeles .


artist Gary Geraths


Gallery Girl Events have created a whole new feel, a "Vibe", by combining lots of creative and artistic energy.  Serious artist typically feel that all the other stuff going on would be too much of a distraction to draw. What I see is that the creative energy of one type of art builds from the energy of other art and artist.  Jennifer has also taken the bold step of putting  on her drawing events late at night. Starting at 9:00 or 10:00 PM, and running into the wee hours of the next morning.


artist Gary Geraths


Artist have responded in droves.  This year's event was held at a new place called Arms Shield. Previous Events have been held at The Syrup Loft in Downtown LA, as well as a magnificently restored, Stately Victorian Mansion in San Francisco.  The artist coming late at night have jobs during the day.  The crowd ranges from novice artist and students.  Many professional illustrators and animators, many working full time in the entertainment industry, come out to draw. They get off work, and go to Gallery Girl workshops to draw more ! As an artist myself, I love going to draw at a place where I know I'll be surrounded by other talented and creative artist.  




Turkish Delight is held a couple times of year.  Jennifer Patton has elevated the game once again.  There is live music by Maqam Band, featuring  Ahmed Kamal, Ely Akl, Marc Khoury. The music is a sensual blend of Exotic Arabic Fusion Music, perfect for creating the mood for models, dancers and artist all.


artist Gary Geraths


Turkish Delight would not be complete without Belly Dancers.  Performing in sync with the Band and DJ's music, as well as setting-in with the models for the artist to draw were  Olu, Shirin, Melanie Lane, Joanna Collins, and Mesmera.  There was also a beautiful pregnant Belly Dancer named Nancy, whom I had photographed  at the Labyrinth of Jareth Masquerade Ball the week before.



All of the music, dancing, and art, has created an epic event now on the social agenda for most of the hip and cool in Southern California.  Those who are not artist per se, that is, they don't regularly carry around sketch pads, pencils, or paints in a box, are coming to see what the excitement is all about.  I met a couple where were there in costume that were just 'digin' on the Vibe.  Models who are not scheduled to model come to see what's going on. They have all heard about the Gallery Girls, and the amazing late night Events. They want to see what it's all about, and they want to meet Jennifer, and usually want to model for the Gallery Girls. This is why, the Gallery Girls has the best art models in all the world.



What I find so cool is the combination of Club Party Vibe, along with the serious art. Artist get into a Zone when they work and the art is paramount.  The rest, is a fun diversion when they want to get up and stretch and take a break. The unique combination the Jennifer Patton has put together makes it all work.




We couldn't have a fun party art event, without art models. And there are a plethora of live art models. Always some nude, and some in themed costume. Both male and female. Over the years I have met and become friends with many of the models and performers. What an amazing cadre of beautiful, talented, bright young women have I the pleasure of knowing and drawing. 


It is incredibly difficult to make a living as an art model so most have other "real" jobs.   Of special note, three models at this year's Turkish Delight were Jonathan Footman, noted as `The Most Painted Man'. Along with Marissa Gomez, and Taryn Piana.  Marissa is an amazing vocalist and currently recording her debut album.  Taryn is a freelance makeup artist who is fun and wild. I hired her myself, when I needed a great makeup artist to do my wife. 



Check out The Gallery Girls and Turkish Delight for upcoming schedules. Check out my previous and upcoming Article, forLA Splash Magazine. You can also see my Art and Photography on my websites and see the website about Julian Ritter, whose biography I am researching and writing now.    I enjoy and appreciate your Likes and Comments. Of course, feel free to connect with me on Facebook.


Artwork  from Turkish Delight by Gary Geraths used with permission. Artist retains all copyrights. 














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