LAFF Presents Premier for Crystal Fairy – Crystal Fairy stars, Michael Cera and Gaby Hoffman, Attend Screening in Downtown LA

06.14.13- The annual LA Film Festival is officially in full swing featuring a wide variety of movies at the Regal LA Live Stadium 14, where the premier for Crystal Fairy was held. The movie, starring Michael Cera and Gaby Hoffman, is about a young man in his twenties (Cera) traveling with friends through Chile. On their journey to find the Chilean cactus, a hallucinogen native to the land, Cera’s character invites a woman by the name of Crystal Fairy (Hoffman) to tag along. The two characters end up bumping heads throughout their quest for the “magical” cactus, but once they find what they are looking for, differences are set aside. The comedy arrives in theaters on July 12 and has already received an award at the Sundance Film Festival for director Sebastián Silva, who also showed up to the LAFF premier.

Silva arrived at the theater shortly after Cera did and the two weren't hesitent to acclaim each other to the press. Cera mentioned his experience in Chile with Silva and his family: “I was living with the Silva brothers for three months so they were really like a second family and I love them- they’re like the most magical family I’ve ever met.”


Director, Sebastian Silva, making his appearance at the LA Film Festival.


At Crystal Fairy’s premier, I spoke with Michael Cera and Gaby Hoffman as they revealed the details behind their two weeks of filming in Chile.  “Watching this movie is actually a good way to get a sense of what it was like” Cera said, “We shot it chronologically so we had the voyage that you see in the movie.” Cera explained that while the storyline for the film was defined, the actors improvised the dialogue in most scenes. Hoffman told us that, while there was a challenge in being unsure how she was going to “pull off” her not-so-simple character, “Once we were there we just sort of went with the flow and it all happened organically”. This ‘play-it-by-ear’ approach made for authentic interactions between the characters, which could have been seen on and off screen. 


Michael Cera, Gaby Hoffman, and Sebastian Silva attend the screening for Crystal Fairy in Downtown LA.

The two actors really grew to appreciate one another from the experience, as Cera told us, “Gaby was amazing…she’s such a fascinating person…completely bizarre, and fearless, and wonderful- it was great.” Hoffman had equally kind words of praise for Cera, saying that, “Michael is the most spectacular human being. He’s so talented and he just made my job really easy-all I had to do was react to him.” When asked about the challenges of shooting this film, both Cera and Hoffman stated that the overall experience “wasn’t challenging” and “was fun”.


Michael Cera tells Splash about his journey shooting Crystal Fairy.

This humorous film captured the authentic acting abilities of Michael and Gaby by displaying their impromptu wit and banter. Crystal Fairy is yet another movie where Cera shows off his exceptional talent in comedy leaving audiences and fans wondering “what will he do next?!”. When I asked Cera what his near-future plans are, his answer was quite simple, “No idea…” There you have it- Michael Cera is the actor with an agenda as improvised as his latest film.

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