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Part One, of Two Articles.



I spent the Fourth of July weekend at the Labyrinth of Jareth Masquerade Ball, which was held for the second consecutive year at the Legendary Park Plaza Hotel, in Los Angeles.  Friday and Saturday Evenings at the Ball.  Saturday, Sunday and Monday, days,  in Post production editing the some 3,000 images I shot, down to a couple of hundred for this article and my Facebook Page (Greg Autry Art & Photo ).  I've been writing the article in my head since it all started Friday night.




I previously wrote, here in Splash about last year's Labyrinth Ball, and I've written twice again to preview this year's Ball, and to highlight some of the new things being manifested, as well as trying to provide some insight into what goes in too creating all this.   Shawn Strider his wife Sasha Travis, are the Producer and Director of The Labyrinth Masquerade Ball  (LOJ) .  I was able to interview Shawn Strider at Sypher Art Studio a couple of months beforehand.  Shawn was very gracious with his time and giving me insight into the works at Sypher Art Studio, and all the work put into this event by so many Performers and Artisans.





Cut-Forward: By the end of Saturday evening, I was truly humbled to realize what an amazing enterprise this whole event had been.  It started Friday, in an outside Patio area adjacent to the Golden Room.  Press and Performers gathered between the Water Temple and the Goblin Camp as Shawn Strider spoke to open the festivities.



Shawn spoke from the heart about the hard work, dedication, and the love of  the Performers and Artisans who make this event a reality.  As Shawn told the crowd that evening, most of the artist involved are from the film and entertainment industry. This is their opportunity to display their own vision and creativity, and to make things real.  Meaning that when these artist "work" , they are creating someone else's vision, for a film or such. And they can do about anything anyone can imagine for a film.



The difference for them here, is freedom to  fly.  The artist are able to flower with their own creations  that are real. You can see them, touch and feel them at the Labyrinth of Jareth Masquerade BallSypher Art Studio offers the artist the opportunity to 'Play'.  They can spend hours, days, or months making something as simple as different kinds of "elf ears".  Or whatever they want, and however they want to explore their personal creativity.



The same is said for the Costumers, Dancers, Actors, and all the Performers from the Sypher Art Studio and all the Crew. They all get a chance to shine and create the Vision they see. The overall story and theme for the Labyrinth Ball, comes from the 1986 film `Labyrinth', Produced by George Lucas, and Directed by Jim Henson. The film stared David Bowie as 'Jareth", and  Jennifer Connelly as `Sarah'.  



The artist who are a part of the Sypher Art Studio  work tirelessly and selflessly for months on end, creating and propagating new ideas and stories to tell.  There are endless rehearsals months before the actual date of the Event each year.  Emily Arnstein is the lead choreographer and dancer. Emily badly sprained her knee, rehearsing the night before the Ball was to open.  Not to worry, a quick trip to the hospital, a leather knee brace, period appropriate I might add, and a couple of changes to the routine for the show, and Emily was back at it.    [By the way Emily, when "they" say, `Break a Leg', "they" don't mean it literally.]




New and original Music is composed for  the performances.  Regan Christine Remy composed Stage music for this year's Ball. She is also Director and Composer for two Choirs at the Ball. Regan performs with the Choral groups,  plays the Harp and sings, during the weekend's festivities.  Simply more of the dedication and love shown by everyone involved in putting on this Ball.




Every performer, and artist, deserves to be mentioned here . This beautiful Masquerade Ball would not be what it has become without each of their individual efforts. I would love to do more with the performers, to document their unending contributions to all the makes this event so special. 





Part One, about the 2014 Labyrinth of Jareth Masquerade Ball,  include photos of the myriad of performers and productions, along with event photos of the Patron Artist's of the Ball.  In Part Two,  I will feature photos of the amazing talent and creativity of all the folks attending the Ball, and talk more about all the happenings and goings on throughout the Hallowed Halls of the Labyrinth.



You can reach me on Facebook at  Greg Autry Art & Photo.  I appreciate hearing from you and your comments regarding my articles for Splash Magazine. Also, there is more about what I do as an Artist, Writer, and Photographer.  My commercial Photography can be seen at my website, Greg Autry Photo.


Stay tuned for Part Two about The Labyrinth of Jareth Masquerade Ball, along with future articles about Trapeze LA , and Turkish Delight with Jennifer  Fabos Patton's  Gallery Girls.


`Labyrinth' Logo Artwork used with Permission.





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