LA Edwardian Ball Preview – Greg Autry will travel to LA to cover the 2017 Edwardian Ball

Photos by Greg Autry*

I’m always excited when I get to “go home” to work, and to play.  This year, I will again be covering  The Edwardian Ball in Los Angeles, one night February 11th, at the historic Globe Theatre in the heart of Los Angeles’ Historic  Broadway Theatre District.  



I’m also excited to announce that The Edwardian Ball will be expanding, to New Orleans, March 25, of 2017. Oh would I love to cover that one !  When work and play are one in the same, `Ya Just Gotta Love It ! ‘




The Edwardian Ball is always an amazing, creative environment, with amazing costumes.  Justin Katz, Co-Founder and Executive Producer of The Edwardian Ball, said there is an eclectic mix, and everyone feels “included.” And when “people feel included they want to come back.” There is a loyalty of returning patrons and friends, everyone from well heeled, young and hip, to the older, sophisticated crowd. Best of all, newcomers are immediately made to feel as though they are part of the Edwardian family.



I’ve met several people at The Edwardian Balls, whom have become close personal friends. The biggest common denominator I find is that everyone attending has a creative spirit, is open-minded, and genuinely loves meeting and getting to know new people from all walks of life.




The Edwardian Ball presents a unique blend of live music, theatre, fashion, circus, fine art, stage shows, literature, ballroom dancing, DJ’s, and character cosplay.  It has grown from an underground party which started in San Francisco, to a time-traveling amalgamation and extravaganza, a combination of Cirque du Soleil, Carnival, and Mardi Gras, all combined.  




One of my personal favorites is always the Shows by Autumn Adamme , owners of San Francisco’s `Dark Garden Unique Corsetry,’ as well as the after dance party hosted by Trapeze, including the inimitable Aaron Delachaux and Boenobo Gatiss.



All night long it is an orgasmic feast for the eyes. From lush stage performances, to wild outrageous costumes worn by everyone attending, many people spend all year long working on their costumes. Most however, start simply with their first Ball, and building on ideas for years to come.  The creative energy is amazing and flows throughout the event.




I personally would love to see the LA Edwardian Ball expanded to two nights, as it is in San Francisco, but for now we get all of our excitement in one night.  As always, stories and characters from Edward Gorey permeate  shows and performances and a portion of the events proceeds go to the Edward Gorey Charritable Trust .




I will do a Review of The Edwardian Ball after February 11th, and I’ll tell you more about The LA’s historic Globe Theatre, and some fun things to do and see in the area. I will have lots of `appropriate photos’ to include in the Article. Herein, you can see some of my fav photographs from the past Edwardian Balls, as well as some new and reedits from past Balls, both LA and San Francisco.




Hurry , get your Tickets before they are all gone.  The 8th Annual Edwardian Ball Los Angeles.

GLOBE THEATRE LA, 740 S. Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90014Saturday, February 11,2017, 8:00 PM until 2:00 am, or whenever they get everyone out of there.  21 and over ONLY  Please refer to website for tickets and to verify all information.


While traveling from San Jose, my new home, I’ll be shooting all over Southern California: Fashion, Editorials, and private shoots, as well as working on an upcoming new Fashion Book, and my ongoing research and writing about the Life and Art of Julian Ritter. I hope to hit a few of my favorite art galleries while I’m in town also. 

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*All Images Copyright Greg Autry. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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