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Not only is Katharine "Kat" Kramer an amazing human being who brings awareness to social issues through her Film Company: Kat Kramer's Films that Change the World; she has also established  success as an actress, singer, producer, character developer, activist, and journalist. Kramer is a talent to be recognized and appreciated within the entertainment industry.

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Kramer is currently a main character on Child Of The 70's staring as Frances Rye, a Soap Opera Diva, with Michael Vaccaro starring as Carlo Perdente.  Child Of The 70's is a tribute to sitcoms and child stars of the 70's.  The show began with Carlo Perdente meeting a television star and two egocentric talent agents; from there the plot became more enriched with each episode.

Kramer's success with this show does not stop at one of the main characters.  Kramer is also an Associate Producer on Season 3 and 4, and she has developed a few characters that will be featured throughout season four.  The characters are: Rabbi Herbert Schweitzergold and Miko "Ming Ling" Makada . The inspirations for these two characters derived from Kramer's admiration for Lily Tomlin's work.

When asked about her character Frances Rye, Kramer stated, "Frances Rye is under duress and on the verge of a mental meltdown upon learning that her daughter is dating her former assistant." Resulting from the state of mind that Kramer's character is in the Rabbi and Miko are brought to life. Kramer explained that, " Frances Rye goes undercover disguising herself as male Rabbi Herbert Schweitzergold, and later as female Asian caterer Miko "Ming Ling" Makada, in an effort to keep an eye on her sexually adventurous daughter." These two character, however, will not be limited to the show: Child Of The 70's; they have been added to Kramer's repertoire and will expand to future projects.

Rabbi Herbert Schweitzergold and Miko "Ming Ling" Makada


On February 29th the premier for Child Of The 70's - created, co-written, produced, and starring Michael Vaccaro - was held at: Pump Restaurant Lounge from 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM.  Many people arrived in 70's dress attire to support the Fourth Season of the Webisode Series, and the Grass-Roots Organization called: Friend Movement. Child of the 70's has partnered with Friend Movement to support the anti-bullying cause within the gay and lesbian community.

Kramer's biggest influence, inspiration, mentor, and idol has been Lily Tomlin. Throughout her career Kramer has watched and respected the multifaceted, quality of Tomlin's talent.  Kramer was able to honor Tomlin by performing a special tribute at the Pacific Pioneers Broadcaster's Awards in February 2012.   Kramer, receiving a standing ovation for her performance, sang the original parody, "Dear Lily Tomlin."  The parody was tailor made with personalized dialog for Kramer to sing and express her gratitude to Tomlin, while also highlighting Tomlin's career contributions. 

Kat Kramer and Lily Tomlin


As mentioned earlier, Kramer is not only a singer, actress, character developer, and producer; she is also a journalist. At the Child Of The 70's premier Kramer was filmed interviewing Mel England who plays Victor on the show.  Kramer, while interviewing England, has a warm, inviting approach that encouraged him to feel at ease.  She is very patient, engaging, and allowed England to articulate and express his thoughts fully without pressure.

There will be many more exciting events and opportunities to see Katharine "Kat" Kramer's work. Coming up on April 27, 2016 Kramer will be presenting "The China Syndrome" as the 9th installment for "Kat Kramer's Films That Change The World" in association with The Atomic Age Film Festival.  To learn more about this event and to follow Kramer visit her website at: KatharineKramer.com, her production company at: Katkramersfilmsthatchangetheworld.com, her Facebook at: Katharine Kramer Fan Club, and her Twitter page at: @KatharineKramer. Thank you Katharine Kramer for the wonderful opportunity to interview and work with you.

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