Jon Voight, a True Hero

Jon Voight and Edward Bass

Actor Jon Voight blasted Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem, calling their reference in a Spanish petition to Israeli “genocide”, "ignorant." "You should hang your heads in shame. You should all come forth with deep regrets for what you did, and ask forgiveness from the suffering people in Israel," the 75-year-old actor wrote in a letter published in The Hollywood Reporter.  

Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem

With the exception of Relativity’s Ryan Kavanaugh, Hollywood's power brokers have remained quiet on the

Ryan Kavanaugh

statements accusing Israel of genocide, however, not since Charlie Chaplin did “The Little Dictator” has a non-Jew stood up against Anti-Semitism today's prevailing sentiment.

Chaplin as Hitler in IMAGINARY WITNESS

 Prior to World War II Joe Kennedy called it “a Jew war”. Charles Lindbergh was convinced that Germany was too powerful to defeat. Steven Spielberg in "Imaginary Witness: Hollywood and the Holocaust” pointed out how even Jewish studio heads never let the truth come out in film or news reels (with the exception of Warner Brothers). I spoke to Steven about the documentary a few years ago and gained a real insight as to how meaningful the project was.

Just to clarify, the Palestinians have had a tradition of taking legitimate aid and extortion funds and using them incorrectly, as in the case of Yasser Arafat and his estranged “big spender” wife. According to Wikipedia, it is believed he indulged in “ mass corruption, secretly amassing a personal wealth estimated to be USD $1.3 billion by 2002 despite the degrading economic conditions of the Palestinians.”

Yassar Arafat and Wife

While his people had no running water, his wife spent tens of millions in Paris and when he died the PLO and she had divvied up the loot, saving a portion for terror. A single underground tunnel cost up to $90 million and its sole purpose is terror aimed at civilians.

In a world where most young people see the Jews as aggressors, Jon Voight rallied some common sense and at least one voice against programmed hatred. The Arab world too is taking a hard look at the side affects of anti-Semitism: after Anwar Sadat was killed by the Muslim brotherhood it seemed impossible for Egypt to support the brotherhood. The roller coaster politics of Egypt saw the allies of Hamas removed.

Anwar Sadat's Last Day and Palestiinian Tunnels Rebuilding Already

The world is divided as Quatar and Turkey have hedged their bets, backing terrorists, and Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Jordon and Egypt are against them.  You would think after 9 11 all of the US would be on the side the moderate Arab nations are on, not the extremist ones. Now what makes it even more confusing is that both Hezbollah and Hamas are supported by Iran and yet both are on different sides of the Syrian conflict.

Israelis accidentally kill civilians who are told by their leaders on television to sacrifice themselves - the Palestinians go straight to Israeli civilians.They are clever in their understanding that the more dead human shields, the more anti-Semitic or ignorant Hollywood support they can get. They know the UN Human Rights commission with Cuba and China will always back them, as revealed in a recently discovered Hamas document.

Happy Palestinians Dancing in Street After 911

We know that the Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu called the family of the murdered Palestinians many times, yet the Palestinians were celebrating the 3 dead Israeli teenagers as if it were 9/11 all over again. If Israel were to go into a nursery school and start blowing up little children, you would never hear the end of it.

So, thanks again to Voight for helping educate young Hollywood talent like Rihanna, who also is obviously ignorant of the facts.  It is very heartening in a time with so many local conflicts raging, to hear such a voice.  Also, it gives one hope for the region since moderate Arab nations are apparently  seeing the truth about the Israeli/Palestinian conflict..


And in the immortal words of Joan Rivers who blasted Rihanna and Selena Gomez, “They’re not listening. If America were being attacked by Mexico and one rocket came over, there would not be a Mexico.”

Joan Rivers


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