Jersey Shoresical Theatre Review - A Rock Opera that Rises Again

JERSEY SHOREsical - the frickin' rock opera rises again in Los Angeles for a limited time after winning Best Ensemble at the 2011 New York Fringe Festival.  


Written by Daniel Franzese and Hanna LoPatin, Jersey Shoreiscal takes place on a Jersey Shore, a take off of the TV show, an ensemble of  kids go through love, angst, and life.  Fun loving, but on the raunchy side, it will appeal greatly to teens and young adults who are fans of the TV show. 


Theatre Review: Jersey Shoreiscal: Daniel Franzese as Ronnie

The scenery was minimal but you didn't notice because all the actors were fantastic.  I loved the Random Sluts (Lynette Li, Emily Mara, and Meghan Parks); lovelorn Snooki (Daisy Eagan),  the Situation (Matt McConkey), Vinnie (Mike Ciriaco), Ronnie (Daniel Franzese), Angelina (Rebekka Johnson), Sammi (Genevieve Jones), J-Woww (Jessica Buttafuoco), and Pauly D (Jordon Katcher) as well as the special guest grenade (Joel Michealy.)  William Belli was the drag queen.


The show was produced by Samantha Scharff and co- directed by Drew Droege and Zack Bass with Danielle Aufiero and Amber Horn doing the casting. 


The songs were all fun especially Snooki's Lament and I F'n Love You; I F'n Hate you


Presenting at the Hayworth Theatre, the play runs Wednesday and Thursdays from April 11th til the 19th and then again on Tuesday and Wednesdays from May 2nd through the 30th.   I thought it a bit unusual for timing, since the event doesn't start til nine pm, but then I realized why - the play is too damn short, running barely over an hour.  It would have been nice to have it longer or maybe an intermission to spread things out.  Ticket prices run $30 with no discount mentioned for vets, seniors, etc, but then seniors would probably not enjoy this.   


Tickets can be purchased on line at or calling 323 960 4442

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