I AM Already Well - Off the Couch and onto the Stage

I AM Already Well opens at the Hudson Theatre July 14th.  Clinical psychologist Dr. Denee Jordan has created a progressive approach to therapy called “Already Well,” and in an innovative spin, she is taking it to the stage as an expression of her own personal and professional experience.

“Already Well” is a simple, yet profound approach to treatment that teaches the value of embracing and accepting ourselves exactly as we are, right this minute, as a way of liberating and empowering ourselves to make meaningful, successful changes.  www.alreadywell.com

In her one-woman show, I AM Already Well, Dr. Jordan shares a remarkably intimate journey towards the discovery that despite and because of the conflicting voices in her head, she was and is already well.  You will meet “Roger the Rager,” “Verna Eterna,” and several of her other poignant psychological characters as Dr. Jordan reveals the inner workings of her psyche and how powerful it can be to make friends with all parts of ourselves - good, bad, and ugly.  Integrating character work, psychological analysis, and even dance/movement, I AM Already Well is funny, heartbreaking and, best of all, affirming and uplifting.

Pixar’s Inside Out has become a blockbuster.  Ecstatic reviews of the emotionally centered film prove that director Pete Docter may really be onto something.  It seems that he is not the only one who shares the notion that our emotions need to work together as a team to make us happy, healthy, and well-rounded human beings.  Clinical psychologist Dr. Denee Jordan offers the same sort of emotional insight in her one-woman play I AM Already Well.  Similar to Inside Out, Dr. Jordan demonstrates the importance of aligning our emotions as opposed to stifling them.

Reviews of workshop productions in February at the Lounge Theatre:

“...two points make I AM Already Well worth seeing… the promise of “free therapy” delivered in the form of real life psychologist Dr. Denee Jordan’s personal mea culpa… (and) the elements of the presentation itself.  The character work was in fact, quite fantastic... and the appended dance/movement piece... that’s where it became outstanding... a well thought out dissertation on the many faces of our internal selves conducted by a well-informed, degreed professional who also happens to be a highly skilled creative.” ~Tracey Paleo, Gia on the Move

“...a remarkable, interactive one woman show... an emotional catharsis, a compilation of her treatment therapy and her own self-exploration... her evocative performance depicts a lost soul, objectively and subjectively, living each life in her own psyche.” ~Bonnie Previer, Tolucan Times

Dr Jordan is a licensed Clinical Psychologist and Marriage and Family Therapist.  Over her 28 years of practice she has worked with an extraordinarily varied population, including people diagnosed with schizophrenia, addictions, eating disorders, anxiety, and personality disorders.  Her clients are from all walks of life: celebrities, the homeless, artists, and people of all ethnicities and socio-economic backgrounds.  Dr. Jordan also created and directed the Adolescent Treatment program at the STEPS Substance Abuse Treatment Center, a premier facility on the West Coast and one of the first in the nation.  She has served as director of the STEPS Eating Disorder Recovery Program, the Project Recovery Program, the Phoenix of Santa Barbara Program for Schizophrenia, and the La Casa Mental Health Rehabilitation Center.  Today she serves as Mental Health Services Director for the Exceptional Children’s Foundation, which is contracted with the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health.


Where and When:

Hudson Theatre 6539 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles CA 90038.  Tuesdays and Saturdays at 8pm, July 14th - August 1st.  General admission is $20.  For reservations or more information please visit www.plays411.com/well.

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