Heaven and Earth Band - Rocks Their European Summer Tour

Heaven and Earth Band

Los Angeles- July 29, 2014- Heaven & Earth, the diverse classic rock band from Los Angeles with a new-school attitude, led by the esteemed British rock-blues guitarist Stuart Smith (Sweet), has just completed their first European Summer Tour.

Stuart Smith

The outstanding, vehement rock album ‘Dig’ from Heaven and Earth (Quarto Valley records), considered among the best rock releases in a long time, captivated rock fans at sixteen European shows.

The Steelhouse Rock Festival in Wales. Photo courtesy of Quarto Valley Records

Bass player Lynn Sorenson, lead singer Joe Retta, drummer Jackie Barnes and lead guitarist Stuart Smith. Photo courtesy of Quarto Valley Records

Often compared to iconic bands like Deep Purple and Bad Company, Heaven & Earth’s ‘Dig’ (produced by Dave Jenkins, Metallica) blew European audiences away in every venue they played with their intense and raw live stage performances, fusing the sounds of hard rock, blues, and even classical. UK fans were rocked into a frenzy with explosive songs like ‘Victorious’, ‘No Money, No Love’, ‘Man & Machine’ and ‘House Of Blues’.

Heaven and Earth rocks fans in Switzerland at the Montreux Jazz Festival. Photo courtesy of Quarto Valley Records

The band opened in Birmingham, England and traveled by tour bus through Newcastle, Liverpool, and London, to Switzerland for the Montreux Jazz Festival, and on to Munich, and Ingolstadt in Germany and then to the northern tip of Spain before returning to England for gigs in Southampton and Poole. They wrapped their last inspirited gig in Wales at The Steelhouse Rock Festival

The rain pours at The Steelhouse Rock Festival and the band and fans rock on. Photo courtesy of Quarto Valley Records

Stuart Smith struts the slippery catwalk to "melt some faces" with a killer lead solo. Photo courtesy of Quarto Valley Records

Ty Bailie on keyboards. Photo courtesy of Quarto Valley Records


Stuart Smith and Joe Retta in Liverpool. Photo courtesy of Quarto Valley Records

Joe Retta seduces a European audience with his harmonica. Photo courtesy of Quarto Valley Records

Heaven and Earth Tour Bus. Photo courtesy of Quarto Valley Records

Led by the master talented lead guitarist Stuart Smith, the exceptionally talented band members include lead singer Joe Retta, who delivers intense vocals while beating the bongo drums and seducing the harmonica, seasoned bass player/vocalist Lynn Sorenson (Bad Company), Australian drummer, Jackie Barnes, son of Australian singing legend Jimmy Barnes, and riveting key boardist Ty Bailie.  The album ‘Dig’ has special performances from Howard Leese (Heart, Paul Rodgers), David Paich (Toto) and Richie Sambora (Bon Jovi).

Photo courtesy of Quarto Valley Records

Keyboardist Ty Bailie. Photo courtesy of Quarto Valley Records


Quarto Valley Records president, Bruce Quarto, is the executive producer and driving force behind Heaven and Earth’s incredible successful tour. Quarto Valley Records has been integral in allowing the band to develop and nurture the album without pressure.


“This album is very diverse” said Bruce Quarto “The more you hear it... the better it gets. A lot of
critics have said this in
their reviews. I always felt it. That's why I started my own
record company. I didn't want the band to get a smidgeon of the profits and the record label
gets the lion's share.”

Drummer Jackie Barnes delivers a solo. Photo courtesy of Quarto Valley Records

Drummer Jackie Barnes. Photo courtesy of Quarto Valley Records


“We are incredibly lucky to have Bruce behind this project,” Stuart Smith says. “He told us from the very beginning that he didn’t care how long it took or how much it cost. If we come out of the studio and feel we could have done better, he wants us to go back in and do it again. We’ve been able to take our time crafting the songs. It’s very rare to have that kind of support and belief in what you’re doing.”


Bass player Lynn Sorenson bends his bass strings. Photo courtesy of Quarto Valley Records

Photo courtesy of Quarto Valley Records


About Bruce Quarto


Quarto Valley Records President Bruce Quarto

Bruce S. Quarto, Founder of BSQ Productions, Inc. grew up in Southern California
in a small foothill
community about 30 miles east of Los Angeles, California. He
helped start and run a multimillion dollar company named LERETA Corp. In 1986
the company had 16 employees and eventually grew to over 850
by late 2003. At
LERETA, he started out as a mainframe systems programmer, specializing in database
architecture. Later he became an IT Manager and also sat on the Board of Directors
until the company
was finally sold to a large billion dollar corporation in early October,
2003. After a few years of retirement,
Mr. Quarto decided he was "too young to grow old"
so he decided to use his business and financial success to get back in the game.
In 2007-2008 he co-produced a short film called "Intervention" by Aundre Johnson.
In 2010 he produced another short film called "The Third Rule". It stars Sir Anthony Hopkins,
Jason Biggs,
Joel David Moore and Josh Hutcherson. This film was show cased at
Tribeca and also selected as one of the
top 5 short films in the International Short Film
Festival in Rome called "Corti and Cigarettes".  
In mid 2011 Mr. Quarto teamed up with good friends guitarist Stuart Smith, and Joe Retta, 
vocalist extraordinaire, to produce the new Heaven & Earth album. This musical project,
titled "Dig" has been looked upon as one of the most promising rock albums in more
than a decade. David Paich, Howard Leese and Richie Sambora have either added guitar
pieces, vocals, and/or string arrangements to a few of the
songs. In summer 2012,
Mr. Quarto started his own record label called Quarto Valley Records, Inc. to handle
the new album. It was later released in April 2013. The band won an award for Best
Rock song at the HMMA
in late November.



Heaven and Earth Band Members

Joe Retta: Vocals

Stuart Smith: Guitars

Lynn Sorenson: Bass Guitar

Jackie Barnes: Drums

Ty Bailie: Keyboards

Executive Producer: Bruce Quarto

Produced, Engineered & Mixed by Dave Jenkins

‘Dig’ Recorded at Ocean Studios, Burbank, California - Engineer: Brian Dong

The Wine Cellar Studios, Woodland Hills, California using the Clasp Recording System

Mastered by: Brad Vance at Red Mastering

Art Direction & Photography: Glen Wexler

Album Sequencing: Howard Leese & Chuck Wright

Project Managers: Fred Croshal and Danny Ornelas for Croshal Entertainment Group

Publicity: Aaron Feterl for Mitch Schneider Organization

Business Management: R&R Business Management

Tour Management: John Malta

Legal: Ben McLane

Social Media: Embark Music

Wardrobe Stylist: Chandra Dyani

Grooming: Mitzi Spallas

Logo Design: 3D Logo Design: Chi Huynh



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