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Harlow Gold - Unexpected Fearless Cabaret

By Meagan Sargent

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Harlow Gold! Photo Credit: re:group entertainment, inc

Holding court with residencies in some of the most iconic and historic locations Los Angeles has to offer, Tracy Phillips and Dominic Carbone’s gritty cabaret-style show, Harlow Gold, has won a devoted cult following.

As high energy and unpredictable as it is intimate, this modern cabaret-style revue is an acrobatic, high-octane whirlwind that titillates as much as it inspires. Harlow Gold is ‘not your average burlesque show’, its intimate, in your face, cabaret that will have anyone feeling inspired by the end of the evening.

Picture a raunchy edgy love letter come to life and transform what was once an ordinary evening into a chamber of lust and high energy dancers that know how to ‘work the room’. Using every square inch the ‘Harlow Gold’ dancers strut their stuff from the stage throughout the room to the bar tops and pipe lines. The ultimate exploration of the female form, Harlow Gold leaves the women in the audience as revved up as the men-and will have everyone wanting more. Full of attitude a night with the Harlow Gold ladies is a night dedicated to female beauty, creativity, and engaging the power of a woman.

From the stage to the screen, Phillips and Carbone’s work—called “fearless” by the LA Times—has garnered such buzz in the entertainment industry they’ve become the leading choreography team for edginess and provocation. Hailing from Denver, this dynamic duo has a really impressive roster as to who they have worked with in the past. These two have been working together since high school and have made their stamp in Los Angeles. They have done tours for Hollywood’s hottest stars such as: Rihanna, Brittney Spears, Ricky Martin, Spice Girls, and many more. “LA was lacking a highly produced show that was easily accessible, [so] we wanted to create our own ideas,’ said Carbone, ‘we wanted to do something that was interactive and have them feel like they were a part of something.”

“Being the creators and choreographers of Harlow Gold has been very fulfilling,’ says Phillips,’ ‘it’s a bunch of characters that are really strong and committed to the show.” When asked the main difference between an ordinary burlesque show and a performance at Harlow Gold, the team said, “The girls are so strong and powerful, with Harlow Gold, the women are the subject instead of the object,’ says Phillips, ‘with most burlesque shows the women is the object of desire.”

Harlow Gold isn’t just a performance it’s an experience. The girls are so relatable as they cast so many different types of women and not just the ‘cookie-cutter type.’ It makes women feel sexy and men like it because it is fun and interactive. Simply put, Harlow Gold, is ‘unexpected’, it is going to be totally different and unlike anything you have ever seen before.

Harlow Gold performs weekly shows in Los Angeles- check out the website for details:  www.harlowgoldshow.com




Published on Apr 08, 2013

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