Grow A Pair of Wings Theatre Review - Transforming Yourself

Imperfect perfectionist Sarah Klein (Amelia Phillips) was a good student, a good daughter, a good girlfriend and now, at the age of 26, she's falling flat. Guided by the whimsically opinionated spirit of her Holocaust survivor grandfather (Barry Vigon), Sarah struggles to emerge as more than just a failed artist, smothered daughter, competitive sister, unsatisfied girlfriend, and accommodating friend. In order to define herself, it's simple: All Sarah needs to do is become a butterfly and grow a pair of...wings.

Grow A Pair of Wings - Barry Vigon and Amelia Phillips

Taking events from her life and her struggles for identity writer/actor Amelia Phillips has in Grow A Pair of Wings crafted a funny and thought provoking play as she struggles to understand her feelings about Judaism, herself and her relationships to family, especially her sister Aubrey (Riva Di Paola), her mother (Jennie Fahn) and father (Robert Domick Jones.)  Then comes the complications of her boyfriend, Gabe (Tyler Cook) and her longtime friend Irving (Greg Nussen) and her sister's jealousy. 

From the start the tone of the play was established. While the announcer told us to silence our phones, etc.  she did with a Jewish mama's accented warning.

Grow A Pair of Wings - Robert Dominick Jones and Jeannie Fahn

I related to many of the events in the play, but others may not.  A glossary of some of the Hebrew/Yiddish terms, included in the playbill, probably isn't needed since it really only refers to the first scene of the play, but it's cute.

The author of the play hopes that views will reflect on their own decisions, understand who they surround themselves with, and what they really value. 

Amelia Phillips and Fresh Produce'd LA presented the play.  Fresh Produce'd LA, a non-profit, run by Riva Di Paola, attempts to workshop new writers and actors.

Grow A Pair of Wings - Greg Nussen and Riva Di Paola

Stacie Hadgikosti directed. Murray Burn designed the sets and Daniel Taylor performed the sound.

Casting was done by Donna Simone Johnson while Benjamin  Robert Watt did the lighting  with Nate Mitchell choreographing the fight scene as Lyndsay Lucas managed the stage.

Grow A Pair of Wings - Family Dinner

Grow A Pair Of Wings, now performing  at the Lounge Theatre in Hollywood  until May 10, 2015,  on Fridays and Saturdays at 8 pm, Sundays at 2 pm and 7 pm until April 30.  At that time, they will have Thursday performances and Sundays at 7 pm. Running time is 90 minutes with no intermission.   

Tickets, which are $25, can be obtained from the theatre directly or by calling 323.469.9988 



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