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Goldstar.com Review – I Found The Tickets I Was Looking for at a Great Price

By Lawrence Davis

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I heard about this great play that I want to get tickets for, I checked with the box office and they were sold out for the event "A Night of Comedy With Ray Romano, Jason Alexander and More." I was disappointed but I remember hearing about Goldstar.

Goldstar is a free online discount ticket selling service. You simply go to Goldstar.com, sign up, you then get an e-mail confirmation and then Goldstar will help you find the best seats possible at discounted prices. The business model makes sense because the 4,000 venue partners that the Goldstar represents for their members relaize that the Goldstar members are a different new audience from their typical audience members and making a good impression on this potential new audience is very important.

So I went to Goldstar.com and sign up. Shortly I received a confirmation e-mail that look like this:


I then went to the site, www.Goldstar.com, went to find events tab and searched for the tickets I was looking for under the dates link.  Sure enough there was the play I was looking for. The tickets were for sale from the price of $110 - $160 to only $30 - $70! I purchased the tickets with no problem and at the greatly discounted price.

Note the discounted price $110 - $160 reduced to $30 - $70!

I look forward to working with Goldstar in the future. I was happy to see the Goldstar is not just in Los Angeles but all over the United States as you can see from the chart below.



As I have more opportunity to use Goldstar I will add my new experiences to this article.


Published on Aug 16, 2012

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