Gary Garver Interview -The Man and Humanitarian

Gary Garver at Los Angeles Mission (Photo (c) Garver)

Gary Garver is a veteran of the radio industry with twenty-five years of experience that began as a host, producer, and disc jockey at KLSX [97.1] Los Angeles. When asked how it all started Garver stated, " I was working at a radio production company and then the owner of the production company new some of the jocks at the radio stations. I sold marijuana to some of the jocks and employees that worked there and that is how I got into KLSX [97.1 FM] the year of 1988." Garver is best known for producing the Howard Stern Show in Los Angeles.  During July 1991 he connected with the Stern Show and within one year helped boost ratings making the show number one in Los Angeles.  Garver was also Stern's celebrity reporter, and interviewed approximately two-thousand celebrities for ten out of the sixteen years working with Stern.

Controlled Chaos (Photo (c) Garver)

Currently Garver has his own show called Controlled Chaos that airs on KCAA [1050 AM, 1065.FM  and 102.3 FM] in Southern California.  Garver's show, which airs weekdays from 8 to 9 AM pacific, is an authentic representation of life with a unique, unscripted style of broadcasting.  Garver aspires to advocate for truth in broadcasting rather than the fear driven, red tape world of corporate politics. Garver described his show as, "A  potpourri of everything. I discuss the news of the day, interview musicians, comedians, and actors; and I also support causes like: Los Angeles Mission for the homeless and skid row, Susan G. Komen Foundation for breast cancer, Planned Parenthood, and even P.E.T.A has been on my show. You know, different causes I believe in." Controlled Chaos is innovative and will keep you laughing on your drive to work; There is no other way to start your day.  

Book: Radio Blows (Photo (c) Garver)

On March 13, 2017 Garver's book: Radio Blows was published by Cliff Yates and Associates Inc.. Garver's book is a fun, easy read for anyone looking to get into the  radio or entertainment business.  The book is available in paperback and kindle on Amazon, it is approximately 99 pages in length, and it took Garver three months to write.  Garver stated, " I wrote it about five years ago [2012] ... I never wrote a book before. I may not ever right one again, I don't know. I was thinking about it for like ten or fifteen years ... and then one day, I got that inspiration to sit and write." The book discloses an authentic, inside depiction of the radio industry. Garver described the book as being, "An easy read, it has celebrity interviews, an inside look at the radio industry, and how screwed up it really is. I get into detail about the management and corporate world of radio."  Garver stated the book would be perfect, "For anyone looking to kill some time on an airplane, bus ride, or layover sitting in an airport." Some encouraging insight from Garver regarding anyone who is following their passion was, "Don't let anybody discourage you. If they put you down, or say you don't have talent, or you're not good enough, don't listen to them ... Don't let somebody tell you, you're not good enough, or you don't have the talent. I had that happen many times to me in my career and I just fought through it and believed in myself. Always believe in yourself and your talent. Don't let anyone discourage you."  

The book also covers Garver's encounters with the paparazzi, and his ten favorite and ten least favorite celebrity interviews. He expressed that the paparazzi are as obnoxious as they seem, "They are vultures! The paparazzi ... their reputation precedes them, they really are a bunch of vultures ... you can even put  'kiss-Ass'en' vultures." Garver indicated that he had a few favorite celebrity interviews such as Jack Nicholson, Joe Pesci, and Morgan Freeman. However, the best was Jack, "Jack Nicholson, big bad Jack ... I tried to interview him three or four times before and could never get him. He was playing at a LA celebrity golf tournament and was surrounded by like eight or ten cops, and one of the cops said, "Hey do you want me to try and get you an interview with Jack?"  I said, "Yeah, that would be great." The cop walked up to Jack, Jack was on the tee box and he had his shot, and all of a sudden Jack Nicholson turned and starts walking up to me ... I'm thinking ... oh my God! Jack Nicholson is walking up to me. I'm going to interview Jack. In the interview I told him I'm pretty nervous and he goes ... don't be nervous you're doing Fiiiine [Like only Jack can do]."  Garver also expressed that his least favorite celebrity interview was with Rosie O'Donnell, "I was at a premier for nip and tuck, I was on the red carpet and I guess she did an episode. All I asked her was, "Are you friends with Howard Stern?" For absolutely no reason she was so rude to me and said I had a face that wanted to do harm. She was just trying to get me thrown out. She is the ugliest person I have ever interviewed. She is a very mean spirited soul. That was probably one of my least favorite celebrity interviews."

Garry Garver and Joe Pesci (Photo (c) Garver)

Garver, however, has depth and breadth that goes beyond the celebrity persona and radio show personality. Garver has "soul" with a very empathetic nature and respect for human beings; especially for his brother. As mentioned previously Garver supports many causes such as: Los Angeles Mission for the homeless and skid row, Susan G. Komen Foundation for breast cancer, Planned Parenthood, and even P.E.T.A. Every year, for the past four years, Garver has aired his show Controlled Chaos at the Los Angeles Mission on  Christmas Eve and then remained to help serve the homeless. Garver shared his experience and how it affected him to see homeless children, "It's amazing how many children are spending their Christmas on the streets of Los Angeles or on skid row... I think we should be doing something as a country to help ... No kid should be spending their Christmas on the streets of Los Angeles, or on skid row, or any homeless person ... I just feel very strongly about that. We should help these people. A lot of people just try to shun them and say they are drug addicts or alcoholics but we don't know their story, or what really happen to them, or how they were raised, or what went down in their lives. I try to do as much as I can for the Los Angeles Mission []. Homeless veterans too, some veterans come back and their homeless, that's not good either."

Gary and Scott Garver (Photo (c) Garver)

Garver not only is empathic toward humans around him, he is also the primary caregiver for his younger brother Scott Garver.  Growing up Gary and Scott were close. His brother Scott was very healthy, athletic, a personal trainer, and even a scratch golfer. He was one of the best athletes in Los Angeles. Then approximately four years ago, out of the blue, he was afflicted with a rare genetic disorder called CADISIL. At first his brother did not understand what was happening and no one could diagnose him; then symptoms just appeared and continued to grow worse.  Garver tries to explain while trying to hold his composure, "My younger brother Scott, about four years ago was hit with a rare genetic brain condition called CADASIL.  It's a mutated gene. All of a sudden it hit him, and we didn't know what it was.  He began losing his mobility, he can't really see well anymore ... UM ... So I've been taking care of him. He was living in the desert and then I told him he should come out to Los Angeles to get some care because the doctors in Riverside county had no clue what was happening to him. Scott was diagnosed with CADASIL about three years ago by the neurologists at UCLA. He moved in with me around that time and I've been taking care of him ever sense. It's extremely hard to watch my little brother go through this…there is no cure and there is no treatment." 

Many do not know the personal side to Garver or his personal journey as caregiver for his brother.  Today is the first time he has opened up publically about their journey together.  Garver has decided to tell this story to advocate for those who may not know about CADASIL, and to create more awareness about this rare genetic disease so funding may be procured for research to find a cure.  Garver would like to share his appreciation and respect for Dr. Michael Wang at University of Michigan.  Dr. M. Wang has been the leading researcher for CADASIL, and has shown great interest in Scott's case.  When Garver speaks about Dr. M. Wang the appreciation exudes from him, "Dr. Wang has been doing research on CADASIL for the past fifteen years and he is the only expert on this condition; so he is working on it and there is hope. Dr. Wang is a great guy, he spent four hours with Scott and I, and took us to the lab where they are doing research ... he  personally drove Scott and I over to the Michigan campus and then drove us back to our hotel.  The guy is an angel in my eyes. Also, every time I call, he calls me right back ... he's just a great guy so there is hope and I keep telling Scott you just got to believe."  

Scott Garver and Dr. Michael Wang from University of Michigan (Photo (c) Garver)

Garver expressed that he tries to help his brother embrace a joyful and abundant life even though he has been invaded by this illness. "I've taken Scott to Bon Jovi and Sammy Hagar concerts, we go bowling on Fridays, we go to Dodger games, and he loves sushi, he could probably eat it every day, " Garver stated.  Scott is cognitively aware, which makes it hard on him because he understands the physical degenerative disposition and it creates dissonance.  Garver expressed that, "Scott is very aware of his surroundings. It's a tough situation for both of us. I never imagined in my entire life that I would be dealing with something like this. But, I'm here for my brother to the end. It's what God has put on my plate and the Lord won't give you anything you can't handle. We've just got to keep going, fight through it, and thrive." Garver continues to carry hope in his heart and a positive attitude that he shares with his brother to help keep them both going. Garver proclaimed, "I believe God gives people only what he thinks they can deal with, so I feel special that the Lord trusts me with the responsibility to help my brother."  

Garver is not only the physical caregiver for Scott but he is also his emotional and mental support. Any illness, especially a chronic illness, can take a toll on the person afflicted by it as well as the families, friends, and caregivers.  Garver expressed that, "It's very, very hard to deal with. It's a mind blower ... it blows my mind just to see what he is going through, and witnessing my younger brother going through this has affected my life.  I've changed a lot because of it and probably for the best.  Well, I mean, it sort of  has affected me in a negative and positive way because when you are living with this every day it can become mentally draining.  But, in a good way, it has awakened me to what matters in life and that some of  the things we worry about in life are just negatives we need to eliminate from our life."

Gary Garver at Race Way (Photo (c) Garver)

Garver's journey from beginning to current day has been filled with many interesting people and life gifts, but he expressed his brothers illness was the most enlightening and spiritually expansive. Garver shared some personal insight, "You got to be humble in this world, and you got to be able to laugh at yourself and your inadequacies. Life will beat you up if you're not like that ...  People think that some of the stuff in their life is so important like that relationship that is stressing them out, or their phone, or social media, or getting that car or house. But  really, when you get down to it, it's really your health and the people who truly care for you that don't create stress or drama ... We have lost that aspect of life as humanity ... If you're going through life and you don't have any tragedies then maybe your cell phone, car, house, or your social media, then you forget what is real. But when you run into someone who is sick that is close to you, whether it is a brother, sister, mother, friend, or someone you love, you realize how important that person really is to you. That really changes your thought process ... It is best to eliminate the people who are negative around you. In fact, what I've been doing the last couple of years is moving away from people who are selfish and self-centered ... Those who blame others, take no responsibility for themselves, and who are just mean souls that drag you down. Those who create stress and drama.  You know when you are dealing with someone like this because it is all about them."

To connect with Gary Garver you may go to his Website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. In addition, remember to check out his radio show Controlled Chaos aired on KCAA [1050 AM , 106.5FM and 102.3 FM] in Southern California week day morning's from 8 to 9 AM pacific.

Garver Controlled Chaos Radio show (Photo (c) Garver




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