Fayzo: Founder, Director, and Choreographer Of Medea Sirkas Received Legend Award At One Love - Benefiting San Francisco International Hip Hop DanceFest

Fayzo Legendary Award Winner image By David Wong

On February 18, 2017 Fayzo was presented the Legend Award, for Lifetime Achievement, by Micaya: founder, artistic director, and producer of the San Francisco International Hip Hop DanceFest (SFIHHDF). During his acceptance speech he expressed how much dedication, time, and work is involved in a performance, and keeping a dance company together for twenty-six years. He also gave acknowledgement with gratitude to Micaya and Gypsy from SFIHHDF,  his family, dance crew, and Joe Hayama [aka: Joe Dat Go the newest member of Medea Sirkas].

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Fayzo's first experience on stage was in 1972 at his church "The People's Temple," ran by Jim Jones in the San Francisco Fillmore District. Fayzo's passion for dance was ignited from watching Charles Marshall, the leader of a dance group called: Black Velvet. Fayzo stated that Charles Marshall was a spark of inspiration, "He was truly the one who inspired me to start really dancing. You know, when I first saw him in my church. He use to hit so hard, it was ridiculous. Their style was just very unique."

The memories of Fayzo's church was what one may call a beautiful-nightmare; he was inspired toward great beauty and expression through dance yet great affliction by the unfolding of the church's events.  Fayzo got out of the church before the infamous event that took place in Guyana in 1978 but his friend Charles Marshall was one of the victims of the tragedy. After Fayzo continued a razor focus on dance, which was a positive outlet to channel the pain felt from the loss of friends, family, and people he once knew.   

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Fayzo is currently working on a Documentary, Strutters for Life: The Untold Story of Medea Sirkas, which he is producing to be released the end of 2018, beginning 2019. Fayzo commented that, "Mikel Fair [director] and I are working hard to complete the film, and expect it to be completed by late 2018 for distribution, and red carpet events early 2019."  Fayzo is looking for venues to show the documentary once it is completed.  At the moment one aspiration for a red carpet showing is in Oakland, "We want to reach out to the Grand Lake theater for an opening night showing, and we are looking for other possible locations," Fayzo said.  

Fayzo expresses his enthusiasm for the opportunity to create and produce the documentary, "It feels great to see the history of my group, the dance style that we do [Strutting], and the hard work that we've put in finally highlighted in our own documentary." Fayzo and his friend Boogaloo Dana are the founding members of Medea Sirkas, which began in 1991. Other members include Zulu Gremlin, Charlirock, Kato, and Joe Dat Go. Within the documentary Boogaloo Dana shares how Charles Marshall has positively influenced Fayzo and his dance, "Even though I never met Charles I feel like I know him because he kind of lives through Fayzo's eyes. When Fayzo talks about him, his eyes light up."

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When asked, what is Strutting? Fayzo, as his eyes ignite and a smile grows on his face,  verbally illuminates the style, "Strutting is a form of Stepping. There is synchronicity. The whole objective is to look as one." To help his students visualize and understand, Fayzo exemplifies with movement, "The dance strutting is made up of a few different moves: dominos, catch-ons, and together moves along with the precision of ROTC." The term Strutting [Strutting your stuff] is explained as showing your skills, showing out, and showing what you can do with confidence.

Motivated and empowered by performance and competition, Fayzo is able to continue Medea Sirkas's evolutionary focus and cutting edge style.  Medea Sirkas has performed with entertainers such as Usher and Justin Bieber, Will I Am and the Black Eyed Peas, Common, Ludacris, R. Kelly, Wyclef Jean, Queen Latifah, Run DMC, KraftWerk, KRS1 and Aaliya, and many more. Fayzo, out of all the encounters with artists expressed joy, and said, "There's been a few I've really enjoyed working with, but I would have to say Usher and Justin Bieber was the most fun thus far."

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Not only has Medea Sirkas performed with artists in videos they have been featured in magazines: Dance and Rap Pages Magazine, Woofin, Dance Delight (Japan) Rap US and Radical Magazine (France), and The Philadelphia Inquirer. They have appeared on television spots such as: KRON 4 Morning Show, The WB's Live in Hollywood, and FOX's hit TV show 30 Seconds to Fame. And, they have appeared on stage at the Legendary Showtime at The Apollo, and The 2010 NBA Playoff Game.

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Fayzo's professionalism does not end at producing, designing, and choreography; his ability to organize, market, and run the business side of Medea Sirkas is precise. He effortlessly harmonizes the creative side with the business side to manifest a seamless working model. Fayzo's eye for talent and creativity, and exceptional focus and mind for business has been the back bone to Medea Sirkas's longevity and success. 

To keep up to date with Fayzo and all the many accomplishments of Medea Sirkas go to: Fayzo and Medea Sirkas Facebook page.  To view the trailer for the up and coming documentary go to: Strutters for Life: The Untold story of Medea SirkasIf you have a venue where a red carpet night and showing for the documentary may be held please contact Fayzo at: [email protected]


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