Labyrinth Masquerade Ball Preview - The Decadence of Fantasy Comes to Life



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Anticipating the Labyrinth Masquerade Ball is just, ` Soooo Much Fun'.  I love the Dacadence of the Fantasy. I love the anticipation.  This is one  extraordinary event that immerses everyone, performers and attendees alike,  into a visceral environment, indeed  a realm  of fantasy. And being me, I wanted to know more about what goes on behind the scenes to make this magnificent weekend of fun, fantasy, and beauty all come together so seemlessly.



Here is a Video Link Behind the Scenes at Sypher Arts Studios, and some  never before seen photos, by your truly,  from "Behind the Scenes".



Talisk Joe Pi



This is seventeen years  of fantasy nights spent in the dreaming realms of Faerie's, and beyond the Goblin King.  Watch for the all new,  LUMINA at Labyrinth.

Telescope Joe pi

Goblin Tinkerer Joe Pi


 All the Fantasy becomes real on the nights of The Labyrinth Masquerade Ball, at theLegendary Park Plaza Hotel  located at  607 S. Park View St., in  Los Angeles, California.  In addition to the excellence you're accustomed to, there will yet be new experiences this year.  Check out this Video Link by my friend Chris Sanders at Widow's Son Production  and hosted by the radiantly beautiful  Lenora Claire.  Now  Read On .

Goblin Camp Joe Pi

Razor Knights Joe Pi


For those of you who might be intimidated by the amazing costumes and pictures you've seen, Don't be.  If you're not an artist or costume type person, and just want to find out for yourself,  go to the local rental shop and get a costume, or a tux or gown. Put on a Mask, and come take a look. I guarantee next year, you'll be whippin' up a costume for sure.







I was curious to go last year, and now this year I look forward to Fourth of July Weekend with great anticipation. This is Adult Comic Con. This is Adult Fantasy. This is Adult Disneyland. This is let your imagination go wild and let yourself be free of inhibition, weekend.    







Costume  Parties are always fun, but rarely do you find yourself at such a party where the whole environment is transformed for you.  This is done in spellbinding professional presentation, by Sypher Art Studio, of Glendale, California.  The Directors and Producers of the Event are Shawn Strider and Sasha Travis. 

The folks behind the scenes are the hundreds of artist, costumers, dancers, performers, cast, and special effects crew who work year round to bring this exquisite production off flawlessly.  Literally hundreds of people come together to put together this amazing Ball.





Every nth degree of detail is anticipated, at the Labyrinth Masquerade Ball. There is a synergy in the diversity of Fairies, Goddesses, Creatures, and Characters you will find.  There are Performances on Stages, Rooms to dwell in, Halls where Fantasy and Reality merge. The Ambiance of Fantasy gives way to create your own reality. And don't forget the Clockwork Tea Room .




I wanted to go behind the scenes, to see what's new this year at the Labyrinth Masquerade Ball, and to see how things are done.  I don't think it possible to imagine all of the work it takes to make it come true.   I hope this little peak behind the scenes, and a preview of things to come,  helps.




To try and show you everything that's going on, I'd literally need to write an encyclopedia. So here is a little preview showing some work behind the scenes at Sypher Art Studios, some of the costume design, some prep time for the crews, along with meetings and rehearsals for some of the Performers. 









This year a new and exciting Event  within the Royal Court, will be  LUMINA, on Friday, The Fourth of July.  A new and captivating spectacle of light, projections, music, and puppetry held deep within the heart of The Labyrinth where the artist of Sypher Art Studios create starlight and magic to assure you that anything is possible and everything is real.




map of the realm




The newest stage, The Elemental Stage, where the faeries and elementals dance and gather their powers, along with the Elemental Alchemist Mixologist, featuring the legendary mixologist of the Legendary Park Plaza.  In the Elemental areas, you go to exist unrestrained by mortal boundaries.



New and ever expanding is the Goblin Encampment where the Goblins have expanded their realms as their powers have expanded. Its indeed a riot of unpredictability. For new goodies galore, The Clockwork Tea Room will be bringing  new experiences, a new menu, and the ever amazing Tea Girls.


As last year, for those coming from out of town, the Biltmore Hotel has the luxury masquerade fever, and also special packages for those attending The Labyrinth Masquerade Ball.  Always a sell-out, if you desire a room for an evening or two, you had best get on the Ball (Pun intended).  


Now I say STOP. Stop all those little stories going on in your head, about why you can't go.  You deserve to let yourself be free from all the daily hubbub. Let yourself feel like a kid again in your own dreams  and fantasies.  Besides, I'll be there taking photos, how can you resist that ?    


Watch for upcoming articles and see all of my articles inSplash Magazine. Your opinion is important to me,  let me know what you think.


Art and Images provided by Sypher Art Studio, used with permission.

Video Link by Widow's Son Production used with permission.







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