Fallout: Celebrate Five Years With Kat Kramer- Films That Change the World



Fallout - The Story of On The Beach and Nevill Shute

Can we survive a nuclear world?  Will there be a future for our children?  Is there hope for mankind?  Do we depend too much on nuclear energy? That was the discussion on Wednesday night, November 13, 2013 at the Sunset/Gower studios Cannon Screening Room. 


Fallout - Karen Sharp Kramer, Ric O'Barry, Lou Gossett, Jr, Kat Kramer and Rick Overton

For the fifth year in a row, the remarkable Kat Kramer presented her series, "Films That Change The World."  Film buffs, students and educators were delighted.  Kat and her celebrity guests, which include Lily Tomlin, Ric O'Barry, Rick Overton, and Louis Gossett, Jr.  as well as Dr. Helen Caldicott, the event shows the film Fallout.  Others in attendance were George Chakiris,  Pete Hammond, Marsha Hunt, Mark Rydell, Beverly Todd, Glynn Turman.   


Fallout - George Chakiris and Kat Kramer

Fallout, a critically acclaimed documentary about nuclear holocaust was produced by Rough Trade Pictures in association with Screen Australia and Film Victoria.   The film explores the myth and reality of Nevil Shute's international bestseller On The Beach and Stanley Kramer's film adaptation of the novel, which was filmed in Melbourne in 1959.  That classic stared Gregory Peck, Ava Gardner, Fred Astaire, Anthony Perkins and Donna Anderson.  The film was co-produced by Lawrence Johnson and produced and co-written by Peter Kaufman.  It's 86 minutes long. 


Fallout- Marsha Hunt, Karen Kramer, Heather Mayfield, Kat Kramer

The movie, which again reiterated Shute's message, repeated that one small slip can cause a domino fall of nuclear weapons and the total annihilatio of humankind.


Fallout - Dr Helen Caldicott

Before the screening Dr. Helen Caldicott, a renowned Anti-Nuclear Activist, who was the subject of the 1982 Academy Award winning documentary short, "If You Love This Planet," was introduced by actress Lily Tomlin.    


Fallout - Lily Tomlin

After the film, Katharine "Kat" Kramer moderated an informative eye -opening panel discussion with Dr. Caldicott, actress Donna Anderson (who appeared in the movie),  Tomlin, Louis Gossett, Jr, Ric O'Barry, Rick Overton,  Karen Sharpe Kramer (Golden Globe Award winning actress, also appearing in the film) and Heather Mayfield, daughter of the novelist Nevil Shute. 


Fallout- Jerry Mathers (The Beaver) and Kat Kramer

To save our planet and avoid global warming, we all have to participate by using less and less electricity and relying more on things like solar power.  One of the small things we can do is to shut off the lights when not in the room or turn off your computer or other appliances that suck the energy when they are not needed to be on. 


Fallout - Lou Gossett, Jr

Of the world's stock of nuclear armaments, Russia and the US dominate.  It was brought up by several people, why does Iran have to disarm when we, ourselves are armed to the teeth. 


The event, which also honored the birth year of  filmmaker Stanley Kramer,  was being held adjacent to where the great man, Kat's father, once filmed 15 of his 35 movies.  For more information on Mr. Kramer go to the site.   Kat is the only of her father's four children who followed him into the movie business. 


Fallout - Dr. Caldicott's books

Following the panel discussion, Dr. Caldicott was available to sign copies of some of her books for sale, including "Loving This Planet," "A Desperate Passion," "The New Nuclear Danger," "Nuclear Power Is Not The Answer," "If You Love This Planet," and "War In Heaven."


In the past, Ms. Kramer's topics have included Bullying, homophobia, and Dolphin destruction.  If you are interested in future information about the films, please call KNK Productions, Inc, at 818 760 3106 or email [email protected] 


To view a trailer for Fallout, go to http://youtube/F0AG6vDIxrc and to learn more about Kat Kramer's films please visit her website.




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