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Exhibit - Review - Diana: Legacy of a Princess now at the Long Beach Queen Mary

By Brenda Camberos

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Diana: Legacy of a Princess, the exhibition of priceless historic artifacts and memorabilia associated with Princess Diana and the British Royal Family makes its appearance for the first time in Southern California at the historic ship, The Queen Mary

 Diana, Princess of Whales, is remembered for her beauty, original fashion sense, and charitable works. This world-class exhibit, arranged by the charity Pink Ribbons Crusade, took over 30 years to assemble and includes over 2,000 items from the royal court. It centers on an array of dresses, accessories, gowns, costumes and other apparel worn or chosen by Princess Diana and other royals - including Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, and Wallis Simpson, Duchess of Windsor and more. 

 "This collection can be described as being about all things Windsor," says Pink Ribbons Crusade co-founder, Maggie Rogers-Kline. "This presentation is about much more than the priceless dresses or formal costumes that are its centerpiece. Like the Queen Mary itself, this exhibit is living British history."

 For this unique experience The Queen Mary constructed 13,000 sq. ft. gallery, which includes a wide array of Royal memorabilia that has never been seen before.

 Steve Sheldon, director of entertainment events for the Queen Mary, said the large collection is the first of its kind. "No venue has had the opportunity to display the exhibition" in its entirety, Sheldon recently told the Los Angeles Times.

 As you enter the exhibition, the first sight of the newest attraction on the Queen Mary is the “Family Tree” crafted by Bryan Crockett. The wall-sized 3-dimensional mural presents a tree in relief and amidst its branches and its limbs are photographs of members of House of Windsor.

 The luxurious exhibition is presented as three distinct themes The Older Royals, Princess Diana, Diana’s Legacy. This one-of-a-kind show gives sightseers an inside look into the lives of the Royal family and their transition thought the decades.

 The Older Royals segment of the exposition introduces guests to Queen Mary, King George, Queen Mother Elizabeth and the Duke and Duchess of Windsor – the famed couple that actually sailed aboard the Queen Mary. Original newspapers, exclusive portraits, and other mementos, from the House of Windsor are shown in this section. Hand written letters from all the major royals are on display along with personal letters by Prince Charles.

 The section titled Princess Diana is the largest and most impressive. It begins with the Diana’s early life and captures some of the most important moments in Royal history like her engagement, her wedding, motherhood, her numerous Royal tours, and an assortment of extravagant dresses among other exclusive items.

 The gowns worn by the Princess are incomparable and represent distinct periods of Diana’s life. Catherine Walker, a French-born fashion designer based in London, designed several of the exhibit’s dresses. The designer created over 1,000 dresses for the late Princess of Whales. The extravagant collection also displays back up gowns for the Duchess of York and the Countess of Wessex.

 On display for the first time is also handcrafted garden bench that was a wedding gift for Prince Charles and Princess Diana. An impressive doll collection, unique quilt and costume work, military regalia and humorous everyday merchandise combine to make this an extraordinary experience.

 The exhibit takes you deep into the world that of one of the most important Royal figures of our time. While the dresses are absolutely stunning, the most emotive section of the exposition is the gallery of pictures and artifacts of her many travels across the globe; each item illustrates her kindness and devotion to philanthropic endeavors.

 The third and final section of the exhibition is titled Diana’s Legacy. This features items, video and other artifacts pertaining to Prince William and Prince Harry along with the Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge. Among the items on display is a video of the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. It illustrates one of the most lavish weddings in history and a noteworthy moment in modern Royal history. 

 The Long Beach exhibit, held on the heels of the Diamond Jubilee, marks the first time the artifacts will be shown in their entirety.

 Presented by Pink Ribbons Crusade and the Queen Mary - the exhibition hours are 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM Daily. Tickets are $34.95 for adults, $23.95 for children ages 5-11. Tickets include general admission for the ship, the Queen Mary self guided audio tour and entry to the exhibit.

 Self-guided and escorted tours of the Princess Diana exhibit are available. A portion of the ticket sales generated will benefit City of Hope. Advance booking is recommended.

 Visit http://Diana.queenmary.com/ for additional information.



Published on Jun 26, 2012

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