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 Many emerging filmmakers and web-makers celebrated on Thursday, June 28th at Bixby's East when ITV  (International Television Festival) to announce the official nominations for the forthcoming Festival in mid August. 

After months of viewing all of their submissions from various genres, including pilots, Features, Webseries, Documentaries, and Music Videos, ITVFEST has finally made their choice’s for the 6th annual International Television Festival lineup. The Festival will be held on August 5th through August 11th, 2011 at the Laemmle Sunset 5 located at 8000 Sunset Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90046. The Red Carpet Gala Awards Banquet will be held on Friday August 12, 2011 from 7:00 pm to 11:30 pm at the Renaissance Hotel at 1755 North Highland Ave Hollywood, CA 90028.  

ITV: Ken Nichols and Frank Zanca

The festival features all genres and types of writing from features and shorts, to television pilots and webisodes.  The final day of the festival will encompass a pitch workshop with a producer panel. Not to leave the actors out, there will be a casting panel, as well. 


ITV:Frank Zanca - Co Producer of ITV Fest and 6 Gun Savior

Originated by AJ Tessler and just recently sold to Frank Zanca and Ken Nicholas,  the International Television Festival has been going on for six years. 

 The excitement rose as the actors and creators of the various shows made their way across the red carpet.  Many, as Dee and Denis Payne,  because of the Western, Six Gun Savior,  produced by founder Frank Zanca and Ken Nicholas, dressed in traditional Western costume.  The first Western webisode, Six Gun Savior, was exceptionally well done. 


ITV:The Elf Quest Girls

Also present on the carpet were the charming cast of Elf Quest  and Brian Forbes from the PS Mockumentary Invention.   Teal Sherer stared in her own production of My Gimpy Life


ITV: Teal Sherer My Gimpy Life

Bryan Tucker and Mike Danner along with Valerie Shepard and Michael Ashley from Bad Love also entertained us on the carpet.  As did Michelle Romano of the Sopranos..

 The evening of entertainment started with Elfquest, followed by Bad Love, Easy to Assemble ,Girl Parts, Six Gun Savior, Invention With Brian Forbes, My Gimpy Life,  and the hilarious Good night Burbank, with Laura Silverman, Stacy Scowtey, and Miracle Laurie, which closed the evening. 


ITV: Dee and Denis Payne from 6 Gun Savior

This year ITVFEST has chosen the Make a Film Foundation as the official charity of the 2011 ITVFEST Film Festival. Make A Film Foundation (MAFF) is a non-profit organization that teams children, who have serious or life-threatening medical conditions, with film industry professionals to help them create short film legacies.  They grant children their ‘film wishes’ of writing and starring in their own movies. We encourage you to visit their website at www.makeafilmfoundation.org and view some of the short films created by children at the Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital. These films not only impact the children who make them, but all those involved including their families, student mentors, the Hollywood community, Inner-city Filmmakers, cast, crew and volunteers.

ITV:Megan Gordon "Girl Parts"

The Official Selections included categories Animation (Gym Shorts, I Confess, Mt. Feathertop, Shallow, Supa Pirate Booty Hunt and the New Suited); Comedy (O:24, 12 Steps to Recovery. Apocalypse Twins, Appleseed Elementary, Awkward Embraces, Coma, Period, East Willy B, Exorcists Local  667, Fumbling Through the Pieces, Further Adventures of Cupid and Eros, Girl Parts, Half Share, Hollywood Girl, Hollywood Wasteland, Invention w Brian Forbes, Itty P and DJ Model T ,Jeff 5 Minute Comedy, Keeping Up With the Kartrashians, Kosher Pig, Lien on Me, MILF Money, OB/GY Anne, Re-Committed, Roach PD, Sportzballs, Talker, The Best Friend, The Brownstone Bookstore, The Video Guys, Then We Got Help, Tilt A World, Unemployment, Vampire Zombie Werewolf, Vegan 101, Whole Day Down);  Documentary/Reality ( Blau Jeans, Clearing Customs, Late Rounders, Marry Me Again, Mineral Explorer, OC Crime Catchers, The Peregrine Dame, The Underground, Yes -Ja); Drama (3 View, Asu;I,. Awoken, Better, Big Country Blues, DeVanity, Falsehood, Higher Education, In The Name of Freedom, LA Fontaine, Lennox Ave, Miss Behave, Oblivion, Ruby Skye PI, Silver Lake, Verse): Dramady (Rental Space "Grail"); Features (Killer God) International (Busted, The Future Machine, The Magic Shop); and Music Video ( Ashes of Soma, Atavan, Carolina Liar, Freak Out, Grave News From The Underground, One Man's Opinion.)


ITV: -ElfQuest stars

The executive committee members who made the decisions and put the evening together included Yuri Baranovsky (Happy Guillotine Films), Terrance Carter (Fox Studios). Merry Elkins (Elk Road Productions), Eric Levy (Indy Producer), Peter Ong Lim (Seattle Intl Film Fest), Dana Chinn (Professor at USC/Annenberg School of Journalism), Jerry London (Director Shogun), Michael Rotman  (Steamin' Garage), Matt Skrobalak (VP Casting CBS Paramount), and Brian Ford Sullivan (Founder-Editor Futon Critic.)


ITV: Michelle Romano

Sponsors for the evening and the festival include Greenhouse Studios, Final Draft, Stickam - the live community, Madam Tussaud's, Digitial LA, The Futon Critic, Comic Attack, IdiotScreen, Michael Wiese Publisher, Sony Creative Software, and GLAWS - Greater LA Writer's Society.

 The Future of television never looked better!

Join them for the festival pre party on August 4th,, and August 5-11th at the theatre and the awards banquet on the 12th. 

For more information go to www.itvfest.org



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