El Gallo Bravo - Marking Theatre Territory in Los Angeles


El Gallo Bravo is the former comandante of a Guatemalan penal colony in the 1980's, who, with the help of a CIA buddy, fled to Guatemala 30 years ago, and now runs El Gallo Bravo To Go, a chicken-to-go place in Corpus Christi. The play takes place on the night the granddaughter of two of El Gallo Bravo's victims shows up unexpectedly, and El Gallo Bravo, confronted by the inescapability of history, shows us how easy it is for evil to justify and live with itself.

As an actress, I appreciate performances in all aspects, especially those including big Hollywood actors for FREE. I used to live in Downtown LA, and never visited this great theatre. Many times this places are discovered by local walk-ins. I enjoy reading informative magazines, so I always get the right information through magazines like LASplash to inform myself about great events related with the entertainment business in LA. 

El Gallo Bravo originally perfromed by Hector Elizondo, but unfortunately he was very sick and couldn't make it to the reading. 

At almost full capacity, friends and familiar faces came to support diverse actors: Hector Elizondo asEnrique Escobar aka El Gallo Bravo, James Karen as James O’ Shay GetzLoreni Delgado asYolandaCharlie E. Schmidt as Kite and LeVance Tarver as the Pilot. Written & Directed by Edward Pomerantz.

I can say; I lost my focus during the performance, there must have been some disconnection from the stage to the public.... I wasn’t the only one. I appreciated that the latin actors were spotlighted this evening. And as a visual artist I got excited to see how little amount of objects were placed on stage, simply chairs and tables; enough to keep the actors away from busy acting behavior.

Looking forward to other local performances at this theatre.

Ps; by supporting your local theatre, more great performances will come to you for FREE! So stay tuned.


The Los Angeles Theatre Center 

514 S. Spring St. Los Angeles


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