“Doctor, Doctor!” – A Romantic Comedy Musical Review Regarding Health Care Reform

During the dates of February 1st-March 24th 2013 is a very fun and hysterical play titled “Doctor, Doctor!” taking place at the Stages of Gray Theatre in Pasadena, CA. This well-written and well-directed play will have you dancing and singing along with the entire cast for several of their classic musical numbers as well as laughing out loud more times then you can remember.

In this very entertaining and wonderfully romantic comedy the audience gets to view an inaugural performance originally written in 1991. The acts were inspired by actual events (loosely) that took place while the director’s wife was working in a highly prestigious doctor’s office. This was during a time in history where government officials were beginning the process of figuring out a new health care policy to better serve Americans. 

There are over 15 fantastic classic songs sang by all members of the cast including solos by the lovely voices of Tamara (SaraJane Williams), Dawn (Claudia Zielke), and Kimberly (Michelle J. Feng), and many more. The cast consists of several different types of specialty doctors, as well as their staff, to include four secretaries, a nurse, and a few patients. All must deal with personal conflicts and of course, love. The selection in cast was astonishing because of the diversity of all the characters from their looks down to their personalities, which made it such a pleasure to watch.  This play is so entertaining that you will get up out of your seat and start dancing and singing along, and if you don’t, the cast just might make you because this play does not have a “4th wall”! If you have not had a good laugh in a while, this is something worth seeing as you will leave the theatre wanting more.

Entire Cast

The romance in this play was very inspiring as it showed that anything can happen and that love can exist anywhere. It will leave you appreciating the people in your life as it shows how wonderful life can be for anyone. This play will make you want to fall in love. 

Director, Writer and Owner of Stages of Gray Theatre, Randall Gray and his Wife

This highly amusing play was written, directed and cast all by the owner of theStages of Gray Theatre, Randall Gray.  

The Stages of Gray Theatre's production "Doctor, Doctor!" is running now through March 24th 2013 at:


229 N. Altadena Dr.

Pasadena, CA 91107


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