DJ Dean Mason - Tuning up the OC

Orange County is home to beaches, luxury living and a rich lifestyle to say the least. Nightlife, parties and turntables have not been part of the OC and if that was what you were looking for, you were likely to head up the coast to Los Angeles or take a road trip to Las Vegas. Dean Mason has not so quietly been changing that image recently as he has brought his east coast DJ style to liven things up.

Dean performing at the Mist Yacht Party

While Dean has become the face of the Orange County club scene and has been instrumental in bringing the OC club scene up to date, Dean has been bringing his sound all over the country. Dean has performed in Miami, Ft, Lauderdale, Orlando, Las Vegas, New York, Boston, Texas, Los Angeles and San Diego.

“The nighttime stuff on the east coast definitely has a step up on the west coast. The east coast night club tends to be a little darker, a little dirtier, while California is very commercialized,” Dean said. “Vegas is turning into the new Miami with all the clubs that they have.”

The DJ in the 21st century has taken on the characteristics of a modern day rock star. Flying from city-to-city, drawing tens of thousands of fans and headlining events, a big name DJ is without question a huge draw wherever they go. While the lifestyle sounds like one huge party, the party is for crowd that takes in the music, but for Dean he has to make sure he is at his best for his audience.

DJ Dean Mason at Sutra

“When you are going east coast to west coast and you have three crowds in three days, it really puts a lot of strain on your body,” Dean said.

So while the Dean is making sure that you are having the time of your life and that the party never slows down, he has to keep himself in top shape and make sure that he stays rested for each event. His goal is to make sure that the crowd leaves each event with the best experience that they could possibly have and to do that he has leave the partying to everyone else.

Dean grew up in Long Island and went to school at Florida State, both areas allowed him to take in the east coast and Miami sound, but it wasn’t until he hit California that becoming a DJ struck him as a career path. Self-taught, Dean has worked his way up through the ranks in four short years to create his sound and his own following. Starting out Dean was pointed in the right direction from Paul Medrano and Big J and then things just took off for him.

DJ Dean Mason

Dean now has four original tracks coming out; in addition he produces music with Steve Omen and Angel Vittore. Dean has also done remixes for some of the biggest names in music including Paul Oakenfold, Todd Terry and Lisa Pure. So while you can catch Dean working his magic as a DJ, you can also find his influence in a number of places and you can download an assortment of his music to your Ipod.

If you can catch Dean in Orange County or anywhere else, make sure you do just that. It won’t be long before you will have to be jet setting all over the world to catch Dean in action, take advantage of having him on the west coast before the secret gets out.

To find out more about DJ Dean Mason, visit:

Dean's Birthday Bash will take place over two days. Day one will be at Sutra in Costa Mesa on August 26th and day two will be at the Ocean Bar in Hermosa Beach on August 28th.

Dean will be performing at Wet Electric in Irvine, CA, for more information, visit:

Dean will be performing on the Kandy Kruise September 16-19 leaving from Long Beach, for more information, visit:

You can follow Dean on Twitter at:!/djdeanmason

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