Diversity News Sheds Light On Questionable Foundations

Suspect charitable endeavors still rampant in Hollywood

Since 2009, Diversity News Magazine (part of Diversity News Publications) - an independent, minority-owned media outlet and consumer news magazine, has served both the LGBTQI and mainstream communities in Hollywood, without incident.  Recently, however, Diversity News Publications President Esteban "Steven" Escobar has encountered personal threats and even harrassment after reporting his findings on questionable foundations and charity events in the entertainment and media arena.  

"There is no hidden agenda from us and we feel no obligation to stop reporting the facts - the truth,"  says Escobar.  "We do, however, feel an obligation to continue servicing our worldwide, diverse community by accurately investigating and reporting fraudulent individuals and organizations that take advantage of we, the people.  Because of numerous calls, letters and emails from concerned individuals/readers, we decided to investigate and report our findings of such establishments in question.  Diversity News Magazine is built on and run by volunteers. There is no paid staff. We are reporting the news and our findings.  This is not a personal issue.  We are not a strictly entertainment magazine publishing and doing free PR for individuals with hidden agendas."

 “People should not take this personally.  I am doing my job by reporting the truth for my readers.  I have never intended to hurt anyone in this process, but the truth is - authenticity must  be reported." Escobar concludes, "My job is to educate and alert our consumers and readers, so they can make accurate decisions for themselves.  Our outlet, Diversity News Magazine, helps people.”  If you suspect a fradulent charitable foundation or event, or have received threats or harrassment, please contact the Better Business Bureau.  


For the latest consumer and entertainment news, visit Diversity News Magazine.


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