Dark Harbor at the Queen Mary Media Night 2016 Review - A Haunting Experience

Fright, Freaks, and Treats is the theme of this ghoulish season at one of the top Halloween events of the year, Dark Harbor at the Queen Mary. Year after year Dark Harbor continues to scare thousands of Horror Junkies to take their addiction to the next level...if they dare. Dark Harbor’s Media night, September 29th 2016 takes off with nothing short of the red carpet treatment, as guests were treated to an Exclusive Soiree in the RIP Lounge with a comp taco bar and high-end cocktails for that twist of taste. The Black Carpet rocks this year’s event as celebrities show up to strut their stuff in the hottest scare of event of the year. Let’s not forget the Freaks & Treats in the Creepy Cabanas & Sideshow to give you that celebrity treatment hosted by your favorite monsters and freaks to serve you drinks.

The Grand opening ceremony kicked off at 8pm for all those awaiting the fun! Join in on the fun as this year’s event showcases 6 scare mazes, a live HEX, and a Freak Show for all those voyeurs, frightful food, Michael Jackson’s live swings from the original Neverland Ranch, and Scare Actors awaiting you amongst the fog when you least expect it. Don’t forget to purchase your Fright Lane pass to skip those hour or more long lines to get more of that VIP treatment.

A personal favorite of mine was SOULMATE, a maze for all those single ladies wanting that perfect man...if only we could take certain body parts or a soul from all our fantasy counterparts. Graceful Gale is there to greet with her Marilyn Monroe presence from behind, but as she turns around her ghostly dead arises. As you run for your life, you experience bloody body parts from all her fantasy men put together as the perfect man!

This year CIRCUS took to the next level of horror. Get lost in the fun maze, you are greeted by terrifying clowns as you enter to pick one of 6 rooms that lead you to the inner maze. Don’t pick the wrong room, as someone could be waiting. Pass through the fun mirrors all on 4 sides not knowing what is real and what is not. Scare Actors seem to jump out of nowhere amongst the wicked mirrors as if they entered from the other side of mayhem!

Get submerged beneath the wicked waters as you dare enter B340 inside the foggy humid basement of the Queen Mary ship. Walking through dark halls, foggy passages, and a moving bridge to make you run are just the highlights of this exciting maze. Get hunted down by The Captain and become his new prey. 

INTREPID is just the right amount of scare as you stand in line watching the Aerialists perform the silks to distract you from the coming fear. Dive and run through winding turns amidst a never-ending fence that seems to lead to nowhere. Monster from the dead crawl on the floor and follow you from behind until you find a way out, which seems to be impossible.

Sing a sweet LULLABY as the name of this maze draws you in as if it seems so innocent. Scary Mary has the perfect little girl’s fantasy of teddy bears, play toys, joyful laughter, and another side that wishes to destroy you all! As she comes out of nowhere in her playful bedroom all seems well until she tries to be your playmate. Her deadly gasps and grouling stares are what make you wish you never entered. 

DEADRISE stand out amongst the crowd with deep bluish hued lights just like in the circus! As you enter you hear sounds of terror and screams like no other. The maze takes place outside, but that does not mean your home safe. Just when you least expect it the Monsters jump out of the most inconspicuous places as on top of a military tank, behind a barrel, or behind a wall. Right as you leave to go through the gate, the Scare Actors crowd around you alone and interrogate you not letting you out until they please. Walk through the final foggy hallway until the end where a monster attacks you from the roof...it is then finally over.

Have a few drinks and nibbles at the fun-packed Voodoo House! It is the only place you are remotely safe. Don’t Midway to take a break and grab some snacks like deadly fried twinkies, scary juice, ghostly funnel cakes, and polish sausages plagued with a Gypsy curse. The Freakish Sideshow is just the right amount of mystery and horror as you enter and experience the most diverse rooms of random eccentricness, something sinister this way comes. One of the biggest highlights is getting lost in strings of white fabric hanging from ceiling amidst freaky blue lights. Scare Actors dressed in all white to blend in with the background come out of nowhere and follow you until you leave…

Purchase your tickets now, as they starts as low as $24 on select nights. Don’t forget to purchase your Fright Lane pass to skip those line and if you are tired stay aboard for the night in a room on the haunted ship. The open dates for the season are 10/06, 10/07, 10/08, 10/09, 10/13, 10/14, 10/15, 10/16, 10/20, 10/21, 10/22, 10/23, 10/26, 10/27, 10/28, 10/29, 10/30, 10/31.

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