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Cycle House Review - Making You 'Work' for Your Workout

By Meagan Sargent

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Cycle House

Beats, intensity, and sweat is the mantra that Cycle House lives by. Swearing by its mission to make you ‘work’ for your workout, Cycle House delivers an intense workout that is sure to have you feeling inspired, motivated, and like a brand new individual.

Complimentary Spin Shoes Are Also Provided at The Cycle House

Cycle House is an indoor cycling studio and a new type of workout experience that donates two meals for every class purchased through the nonprofit, Feeding America. Classes not only improve you, but everyone around you.  Lara Gillman, Cycle House owner, dreamt of owning a studio that excelled in customer service while giving back to the community and also incorporating incredible cardiovascular and strength training workout.

Motivation at Cycle House

Adhering to a peaceful state of mind, Cycle House, provides its clients with the ultimate luxurious experience while incorporating to stay ‘green’. Cycle House refuses to sell plastic water bottles by providing an alkaline water filtration system. The studio is also virtually paperless. Additional perks are: free shoe rental, chilled eucalyptus towels, and complementary fruit are also included in the price of a class.

Refreshments for Attendees

The course of the class is 45 minutes that burn 500 to 1,000 calories per class. Incorporating weights along with riding to todays’ hottest beats, riders dance, pump, and sprint their way to the finish. Trainers motivate you to find your inner tempo and comfortable pace and resistance in order to keep up and get the absolute most out of the class.

Check Out the Super Cute Cycle House Gear

Cycle House instructors are phenomenal. Regardless of your level of riding, they encompass any sort of insecurity and make you feel ‘one’ with the Cycle House. Built upon the statement, ‘Our House is Your House’, Cycle House is sure to give you a one-of-a-kind, kind of a ride!


For additional information on Cycle House please visit : www.cyclehousela.com


Published on Aug 17, 2012

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