Controversial "Battered" Shines at Film Festivals - Movie Review



“Battered” is the next level of intense dark thriller that will take you off your seat. Spotlighting pro athletes, ex addicts, and two racist hillbillies who end up under one roof in the Hollywood Hills. Starring Charles Porter, Bradley Fowler, and Lauren Elise, the story revolves around Michelle Willis, a victim of domestic abuse from her ex-husband Ray Fleming, an African American former baseball player. When two Hollywood criminals, Waco and Jessup, take Michelle’s household hostage, an intense standoff unfolds with dark humor and we’re witness to an edgy, brilliant depiction of racial confrontation and domestic abuse.


From Left Bradley Fowler, Stuart Lafferty, Ray Stoney, Katie Lowry Brown, Sam Sarpong, Charles Porter, James Foley, and Lauren Elise to the Right

Robert Madero grew up in New York City loving baseball, basketball and the Movies. His career took flight at the age of nineteen, while still at school, with a documentary about dockworkers in New York.  He wrote, photographed, produced and edited this early work entitled “Redhook”.  As a result of this film he was hired to run the Test Commercial Division of Doyle Dane and Bernbach.  Before moving to L.A. in 1980, he wrote and directed Indies in New York. His first big hit was “Mausoleum”, a 1983 horror film that’s become a cult classic. Since then, he’s written, produced or directed, “All Tied Up”, “White Hot”, “Blank Generation”, the teen horror comedy, “Camp Utopia” and a Web Series, “Movie Star Idol”.

Director Robert Madero with the cast

Charles Porter, Lead Actor and Executive Producer has succeeded where many other newcomers have failed. He has worked his way into Hollywood, managing to secure increasingly juicy roles while avoiding becoming an archetypal typecast. He was born Charles Frederick Porter in Oxford, England on March 13, 1979 to a British mother and American father, and saw his destiny in the National Football League (USA) until a back injury sidelined him, so he could pursue his dreams of making movies.  Most recently, Charles was cast in the LA based Cabaret, Harlem's Night, the 1940’s themed bed time story. The young star played Joe, and hit the stage singing, dancing and acting in his guest role. Charles has also starred in Liongate’s horror film, “Holla” and ESPN’s “Wendell Scott-A Race Story”, a biography of the Jackie Robinson of Nascar. He also guest starred in numerous TV shows, like “House”.


Behind the Scenes with Charles Porter

“Battered” recently won Best Ensemble Performance Feature Film at the Orlando Urban Film & Music Festival 2014 and Official Selection at the Bahamas International Film Festival 2014. It’s a controversial mind-blowing suspense thriller of its time.



 Photos by Sydney Sparks



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