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The 90s classic film Flatliners is making a comeback! Danish composer Jacob Groth and Niels Arden, who previously worked together on The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo trilogy, team up once more to resurrect the thriller set to release in August of 2017. While in the midst of multiple projects Groth breaks to offer an insight into the Nordic sound that has him on demand in the US.

The Danish composer known for his darkly rich soundtracks is called upon to score the new generation of must-see film & television crime dramas; among them is the long much-anticipated Flatliners remake.

“Honestly I never feel any pressure when working on remakes, I just get in the studio and hope that I can add yet another dimension to that storyline,” says, Jacob Groth the eccentric composer who often starts writing his scores in the Swedish woods.

Flatliners is the latest US major feature release incorporate Nordic Noir elements and add to the rise of the genre. The story follows a group of medical students as they experiment with the afterlife and near death experiences. Curious as to what is waiting for us after we pass, the group finds a way to stop their heart rate, ultimately killing themselves, and be resurrected just in time. As their experiments become more and more extreme they must deal with the consequences of crossing over into a realm in which they don’t belong.

The reboot will encompass a star studded cast including; Kiefer Sutherland (original cast member and star of the hit series 24), Nina Dobrev (Vampire Diaries) and Ellen Page (Inception). For the revamp, Arden called upon his longtime friend Groth to produce a magnificent, bone chilling score.

Groth’s first major U.S. success was his award winning score for The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo in 2009. The renowned composer recently spoke to Splash Magazine about his new work and recent passion project, Nordic Noir LA.

 “When he (Arden) asked me to join him in the remake of Flatliners I got excited to think of what we could do creatively, and of course I immediately said yes. I am looking forward to writing and record this score in L.A., “ says Groth who spends part of the year this side of the pond. “I loved the original film and I think this version will thrill the audience; it’s really, really a good script!“

What can we expect from the music of upcoming Flatliners rebirth? According to Groth, the film will be a delightfully dark soundtrack that matches Arden’s harrowing material.

“This is hard to answer now as the film is in production. The music is constantly changing as the film materializes, but what I can say is that it will be an absorbing composition that dives deep into the macabre,” says the award-winning composer.

Groth is also working on the score for a soon to be released new series, based on the book series by Charlaine Harris, titled Midnight Texas. Fans of monsters, vampires, witches and other supernatural beings are in for a treat then the new supernatural drama premieres on NBC.  

 “I did the pilot for Midnight Texas and it’s simply so damn good, both funny, scary, emotional and everything in between. I hope people enjoy it as much as I did making it,” he shares excitement.

He is also working on season two of Denmark’s hit television show Modus and Radio Mercur, a story about a Danish pirate radio station set in the late 50s.

Since achieving international success with his score for The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Groth splits his time between Denmark and Los Angeles and acquired a a passion for Griffith Park and local urban wildlife including P-22, LA’s resident mountain lion. This passion is what led Groth to produce a benefit concert for Friends of Griffith Park, which took place recently at the Greek Theatre.


“When I started working in LA and got to live close to Griffith Park, the idea of combining a wish to perform my music at The Greek Theatre with my ambition to do a charity-concert to support Urban Wildlife developed. I found out that Friends of Griffith Park was there, working hard to help and preserve nature in the Park. We met and they loved the idea,” recalls Groth.

The benefit took place on September 25th, invited all local students to attend for free, and included a beautifully executed vignette of Goth’s soundtracks, visuals from the various works and a large vocal ensemble comprised of three local choirs.

That night leaders from film and television industry all came out tosupport the composer and the inspiring efforts of Friends of Griffith Park including 

Disney's resident composers Peter Neff (Hannah Montana), Kenneth Burgomaster (Hannah Montana/Better of Single), Evan Wise (Ratchet & Clank The Movie), guest Peggy Johnson, film director Knate Lee (Cardboard Boxer/ X-Men: The New Mutants), Composer Michael levigne and ASCAp's Senior Vice President, Shawn LeMone.among others.


Splash Magazine was present at the appropriately titled Nordic Noir LA, and witnessed a compelling performance that included, music from Girl with The Dragon Tattoo, Unforgettable, Dead Man Down, Modus YoungAndersen, Skin Trade and more with. Impressively so, they group performed beautifully dark and tenacious renditions of the TV and film soundtracks that left all in attendance in awe. After the show, Groth left for Canada where is now, working on the cinematic thriller everyone’s waiting for.    

For more information on Jacob Groth please go to the Jacob Groth website

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