: Cat's Cradle Theatre Review - a Good Old Fashioned Mystery


In the charming community of Sierra Madre, the  Sierra Madre Playhouse opened last night with Cat’s Cradle.  Written in 1983, by actor Leslie Sands, this current version of the play is directed by Bill Mesnick and produced for the playhouse by Estelle Campbell and Barbara Schofield. The quaint old fashioned mystery is enchanting, if a bit predictable. 


Theatre Review: Cat's Cradle: Jim Harnagel, Amy Moorman, Robert Pescovitz

On the eve of her wedding to a nephew of the local lord, young and pretty Sarah Fulton (April Morrow) and the rest of the small town are all a buzz.  Into their midst arrives Inspector Jack Frost (Robert Pescovitz). The once brilliant investigator has returned to the scene of his only failure. The cold case disappearance of six month old Matthew Fulton, Sarah’s brother, has always plagued him.  Now on the eve of his retirement, he is determined to have answers. 


No one in the town, except a young reporter, Bob (Stephen Weston),  is willing to talk to him.  Even Peggy (Amy Moorman), the woman whom he’d had a brief affair, refuses to enlighten him on the town’s secrets.  Now married to Sam (James Harnagel), she doesn’t dare talk.   Not even the baby’s mother, Pamela Fulton (Melanie Rockwell) will discuss it.  Frost knows the answer has to be in the town because it had been too cold for anyone to have gotten away. 


Theatre Review: Cat's Cradle: Melanie Rockwell, Rees Pugh, Melanie Rockwell, and Robert Pescovitz

When one elderly resident, Miss Merton (Stephanie Dunnam), inadvertently slips out a clue, she dies abruptly.  Everyone, of course, blames Frost. 


The difficult part comes in his dealing with Sir Charles Cresswell (the local lord) (Rees Pugh). 


April did extremely well in her stage debut and will hopefully go on to many more plays.  The star of the show, Robert Pescovitz, effectively played the detective. 


Lightning and set was ably done by David Calhoun. The effective use of lightning as the characters sat by the window increased the mood of the play.  Beautiful costumes were provided by Lois Tedrow while Anne Marie Atwan handled the properties and Angela Sonner, managed. 


Theatre Review: Cat's Cradle

The production here goes until June 4th, but July 21st through July 31st, the play will be performing at the Mammoth Lakes Art Center in Mammoth Lakes, CA. (760 934 1900)


Future plays for the Sierra Madre Playhouse include Solid Gold Cadillac, Yeoman of the Guard, To Kill A Mockingbird and The Christmas Show. 


Tickets here are $20, with students and seniors at $17 and under 12 at $12.  There is free parking behind the theatre.  Call 626 355 4318 or www.sierramadreplayhouse.org

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