"Bullet In the Face" TV Review - The darkest Sit Com You'll Ever See

The name basically says it all. Do you really need to know more? Okay, here goes...In a world where we send our kids to school in hopes that they'll come back alive, given the violence and current day shootings, this TV series is likewise being referred to as “The most violent sit com ever made.”


Sure, I loved “Sledge Hammer”, also created by this master mind comedy writer, Alan Spencer who was proudly beaming during his “Q & A” following the “Bullet in the Face” Premier the other night. He looked as though he'd just had a baby, but I think it was maybe something else he passed. I too, enjoyed the pre-Get Smart clips, and as a past comedian, (yes I was paid) and a favorite of the Mel Brooks genre with whom Mr. Spencer pairs himself, I just couldn''t see the humor in “Bullet in the Face”.

Granted, Eric Roberts did a convincing job, as did Max Williams, with Eddie Izzard stealing the show, and the rest of the cast seemed to be committed, or should be....


The only redeeming  value remaining is the beautiful Cinefamily Theatre, founded in 2007 who's mission it is to  "foster a spirit of community and a sense of discovery." And that they do, and quite well.   The Cinefamily Theater is complete with cushy leather couches perfect for a cozy date combined with fascinating  historic memorabilia, not to mention that intoxicating aroma of fresh popped popcorn.  Don't miss a chance to catch any of their unique events found on www.cinefamily.org



Meanwhile, back at the show...I had everything to do but to remain seated and likewise be held prisoner through almost all 6 episodes, waiting for the funny that never emerged. When did a child holding a teacher hostage at a high school with a gun to her face ever become comedy? Have we ascended to a whole new low?



Spencer balances on the fine line of a tightrope with these shows. But then on Spencer's behalf some would say comedy eases the tragedy of it all.


I may have seen four episodes, but I know I've seen enough. “Sledge Hammer”, Rest In Peace.


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