Bright Lights, Dark Shadows - Doctoral Student Aspires to Turn Dissertation Into Documentary


Mimi, Doctoral Student, aspires to turn her dissertation into a documentary. The title of the documentary is: Bright Lights, Dark Shadows: The Shadow Side Of Celebrity And Fame For Entertainers.  This documentary will explore the unique stressors that entertainers and athletes may encounter while working in the entertainment industry.

Mimi is currently in the process of writing the proposal for the project.  She has three people in the entertainment industry who want to read the document when it has been completed.  The first person is Corey Feldman who said: " I like the idea, and of course I will have a look when finished - Good luck on your adventure, and well wishes! Peace n Love."  The second person is Katherine "Kat" Kramer who said, "I'm interested in reading Mimi's proposal and learning more about the work she is doing. Mimi is planning on making a documentary called 'Bright Lights, Dark Shadows: The Shadow Side of Celebrity and Fame for Entertainers,' and it promises to be  insightful and enlightening. I can't wait to see the finished product."  And, the third person is Robin Mortarotti who said, "It seems intriguing, and I'm looking forward to reading the proposal - Best."

When asked how the concept and inspiration for Entertainment Psychology came about Mimi replied, "It came to me the last few weeks of undergraduate school.  I was walking to my car after class, and I heard an internal voice state: 'You need to develop Entertainment Psychology,' it all unfolded from there.  Before that night, I had no desire or plan to further my education.  However,  when I inquired with the APA about developing Entertainment Psychology,  I was informed the only way to develop a new division was to become a doctor. Off to graduate school I went."

By developing the documentary Mimi aspires to create an open forum for entertainers and athletes to discuss their subjective reality.  She has outlined, in her dissertation, what she hypothesized may be unique stressors.  When asked who Mimi would like to work with she said, "I would really like to reach out to Keanu Reeves and request his participation with the project.  And, I would like to reconnect with Sean Penn to get his insight about the project." Additionally, she hopes to reach out to and work with many entertainers and athletes. Some being: Drew Barrymore, Brook Shields, Robert Downey Jr., Alex Rodriguez, Tiger Woods, Justin Timberlake, Jennifer Lopez, and many more.

Mimi is also currently requesting more signatures for the petitions to develop the division for Entertainment Psychology.  There is an APA petition and a public petition ready to be signed.  If you are a psychologist go to the APA petition: APA Link.  If you are of the general public follow the link for the public petition: Public Link.   To contact Mimi go to the following three locations - Website: Entertainment-Psychology; Facebook:  Entertainment Psychology; and Email: entertainmentpsychology

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