Bravo's OC Housewives Hottest Couple: Heather & Terry Dubrow

Family FIRST is the radiating theme for Heather and Dr. Terry Dubrow, M.D., F.A.C.S., the new fan favorite couple in Bravo’s Orange County Housewives.   Although they are busy juggling their career endeavors, they remain diligent in keeping their family activities at the forefront. Balancing career and family is always a challenge but Heather beams, “I just do the best I can,” and it is evident with a beautiful family of four children, a surgeon husband with a thriving career, and an exciting new show.  This power couple is forging ahead with new projects and has not allowed the reality show to infringe on their marriage or family, on the contrary, it has been a positive experience that has enhanced their relationship.

The Dubrow Family

Just finishing their first season on Bravo’s Orange County Housewives, the Dubrow’s spiced up the OC with their high-spirited personalities and styling parties.  While they were openly candid about ongoing issues with the friendships within the OC families, they remained genuine, which easily made them the new favorite couple on television. In addition to being a loving wife and devoted mother, Heather Dubrow, enjoys being the newest luscious brunette in the OC.  Her sparkling disposition and honest demeanor on the show elevates the show to a new level.  Likewise, Heather has recently been a guess DJ for KFI and is currently in negotiations for future radio spots in the Los Angeles area.  She is also working closely with her husband on their soon to be named skin care line.  Additionally, when she has time away from being super mom, Heather plans to line up several business ventures so keep on the lookout for latest and greatest from this Orange County Housewife.


Fan Favorites Heather & Terry Dubrow

When they are not filming for the OC Housewives, the Dubrow’s are working on their new skin line that will accompany Dr. Dubrow’s co-authored book entitled The Acne Cure along with Brenda D. Adderly, M.H.A.  The book emphasizes an innovative treatment for acne, which has helped numerous people including celebrities maintain a clear complexion.  Additionally, Dr. Terry Dubrow, a former chief resident of general and plastic surgery at UCLA, continues his flourishing practice in Newport Beach, California, specializing in “mommy makeovers” including augmentations, tummy tucks, and other specialty procedures.

Heather Dubrow Balancing Super Mom & Housewife


The Dubrow’s are fast becoming Bravo’s top celebrity couple so keep in touch at:
Twitter @ Heather Dubrow and
 whosay: Heather Dubrow.

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