Boxes Theatrical Review - What Really Lies Behind Your Emotions?


Boxes: Caitlin Gallogly - Photo Theatre West

Women rule the roost in this newest play, Boxes, being performed at Theatre West (3333 Cahuenga Blvd West, Hollywood 90068.)  Written by Jule Selbo as part of the Writer-in-Rep series, Boxes is directed by Mary Lou Belli and assisted by Tamara Gallo

Billed as a psychological thriller, the play takes place in present day New York where broke medical student, Sigourney (Caitlin Gallogly) applies for a mysterious research job with the famed Dr. Robert Eden (Eddie Alfano) while at the same time trying to entice her commitment-phobic boyfriend Marv (Greg Nussen) into a deeper relationship.


Boxes: Greg Nussen, Caitlin Gallogly - Photo Theatre West

In the experiment, Sigourney is asked to analyze her feelings for various objects hidden in boxes.  Her own feelings of inadequacy and low self-esteem emerge as we see her flaws and her wounded history.


Boxes: Ashlee LaPine, Eddie Alfano and Caitlin Gallogly - Photo Theatre West

What she doesn't realize is that the experiment is trap and soon, with numerous twists and turns, she is caught in the web as Dr. Kelly Brandford (Ashlee LaPine) connives with Dr. Eden.  Does Sigourney become a killer or a victim?  Only with the help of a fellow student, Clifford (Oliver Singer) does Sigourney manage to survive and grow. 

The story showed how easily our emotions can be manipulated and how scents, memories and sights can bring up thoughts of the past…and the importance sometimes of letting go. "When you have lost your vision," says the character, "look into your heart."


Boxes: Eddie Alfano and Caitlin Gallogly - Photo Theatre West

While many of the twists seemed predictable and seemed to go on beyond the natural ending point, the play was well blocked. The acting, especially that of Ms. Gallogly, with her range of emotion and expression, was excellent. 

It's produced by Benjamin Seuglia, Mark Winkworth and Donald Moore with John Gallogly as the executive director for Theatre West. 


Boxes: Greg Nussen, Oliver Singer - Photo Theatre West

Roger Kent Cruz managed the stage with the assistance of Erin Moore, while Nicholas Acciani did set design,  Emily Brown-Kuccera prepared the costumes,  Kevin A Shipp managed the props, Yancy Dunham did the lighting and Austin Quinn, perfected the sound.  Philip Sokoloff does the public relations.


Boxes: Greg Nussen, Caitlin Gallogy and Eddie Alfano- Photo Theatre West

The play runs from May 14, 2015 until May 31 and airs Thursday through Sat at 8 pm with a 2 pm Sunday performance. Tickets are $20 (online) or $25 (at the door), with seniors and students getting substantial discounts.  On May 21 and May 28, the theatre has a "pay what you can" performance to encourage theatre goers.  Besides online, you can also call 323 851 7977.  If you purchase both their new plays - Boxes and Claws, which follows, you can get a deal of $30 for both plays.  There is free parking across the street from the theatre.   

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