Bob’s Holiday Office Party - Bawdy Holiday Cheer


It just wouldn’t be Christmas in Los Angeles without Bob’s Holiday Office Party.  It’s back for its nineteenth year of putting the hilarity into the holiday.  For the uninitiated, the action of the play is set in the office of insurance salesman Bob Finhead of Finhead Insurance in Neuterburg, Iowa (population 382).  Bob is carrying on a flirtation with the mayor’s wife, while the mayor himself is busy accommodating a male house guest.



Joe, the alcoholic town sheriff, is attracted to Brandy, the town party girl who is the twin sister of Carol, the minister’s emotionally disturbed wife.  There’s one other set of twins in town, La Donna and La Voris Johnson, wealthy farmers who are proud members of the Neuterburg Tea Party.



As the name of the play implies, Christmas is coming soon, which means that Bob is getting ready to throw his annual gathering at his insurance office for his friends and associates.  Also dropping in are Marty, the town stoner, expert in mime and all things UFO related, and Elwin Bewee.  Elwin was a magnet for bullies while he was growing up.  He left town to become a wealthy tycoon and now he’s back.  Now that Elwin’s back and filthy rich, he’s plotting revenge on the people of Neuterburg. What will he attempt?



The Neuterburgers have assembled at Bob’s office to do what they do best: party and drink and party and drink and party and drink and party and drink.



As the holidays approach, Bob has misgivings about his life.  He wanted to become an inventor. Will he ever travel on the path of his ambition?



Bob’s Holiday Office Party has doubled over its audiences with gut-busting laughter for many years now.  Craig Anton will direct for the first time this year.  Anton’s cast for Bob’s Holiday Office Party includes Nelson Ascencio, David Bauman, Cody Chappel, Mark Fite, Maile Flanagan, Andrea Hutchman, Serina Irwin, Johanna McKay, Pat O’Brien, and Ann Randolph, along with playwrights Joe Keyes and Rob Elk.  The cast members are all veteran performers of the show.  If there is one Christmas party that you shouldn’t miss this year, it’s Bob’s Holiday Office Party!


“A drunken alternative to Frank Capra’s It’s a Wonderful Life.”---L.A. Weekly

“Hilariously deranged.”---Los Angeles Times

“Riotously funny.”---Backstage



Runs: December 6th – December 21th

Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays at 8pm

Sundays at 7pm



Pico Playhouse

10508 West Pico Blvd

Los Angeles, CA 90064





Thursdays and Sundays $20

Fridays and Saturdays $25

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