Aizhan LighG - Singing Her Way into Hollywood's Heart



Being a singer and songwriter, one would think that’d be a more than sufficient career choice, but for Aizhan LighG it wasn’t enough. Among other things, LighG is also a dancer, actress, model and not to mention a lawyer.



LighG is originally from Kazakhstan, where she first began her career as a lawyer, where she was rewarded by the President for her help in the development of Kazakhstan. She also had the honor of being elected as the head of the teenage organization of future leaders while living there.

As LighG’s passion for the entertainment industry grew strong, she became more involved and began to demonstrate her many talents. After having won numerous beauty pageants and her songs were popularized in Kazakhstan, LighG made the bold choice of moving to the City of Angels after being granted a full scholarship to UCLA. She took it upon herself to move and conquer Hollywood.



Shortly after her big move to Tinseltown, LighG began to part take in numerous live performances, short films, music videos, including her first American single, Falling 4 U, which premiered at the Warner Brothers last year.



Although LighG is currently residing in Hollywood, she never fails to keep her roots and culture alive by using old folk instruments to compose her music as her signature sound.  

During her years at Harvard University, LighG was constantly questioned about the famous Borat and his relatives. Her experience in martial arts helped her better explain that Sasha Baron Cohen had never been to her motherland. She later wrote a song about the situation wrapping everything up in her single, I Hate Borat (Stupid Borat).



For more information on Aizhan find her on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube and listen to her music on Soundcloud

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