ACIDIC's New Album "Chronic Satisfaction" to be Released September 20th-Single "Uninspired" Available Now

Los Angeles based alternative rock band ACIDIC is gearing up for the highly anticipated release of “Chronic Satisfaction,” their 3rd full-length album, on Tuesday, September 20, 2011.  The band teamed up with renowned producer John Ryan, who has produced albums for such illustrious artists as Santana, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and Styx

 ACIDIC has been quickly gaining momentum in the rock-and-roll scene since the release of their first two albums “Ironic Dreams” in 2009 and “Getting Lucky” in 2010, which scored popular singles “No Name,” “Maybe,” and, most recently, “Strata Red,” which was named the winner of the 18th Annual Billboard Worldwide Song Contest for Best Alternative Song. 

 ACIDIC is fronted by singer and guitarist Michael Gossard, guitarist Michael Thompson, bassist Ted Dubrawski and drummer Matt Whitaker.  While each of the members have only recently graduated from high school, together they have established themselves as legitimate rockers with animated performances and tight musicianship, leading them to opportunities touring with Marcy Playground, Hawthorne Heights, Filter, and The Higher



 ACIDIC ’s classic rock-and-roll sound captured in an outfit of determined young musicians caught the attention of producer John Ryan, who is responsible for Styx’s classic hit “Lady.” Inspired, Ryan approached the band and offered to produce a couple singles with them.  Ryan and ACIDIC began recording together, and the respected producer was so impressed with their initial work in the studio that he quickly decided to expand the project into a full-length album.

 The talented band remains faithful to their classic roots while delivering a fresh and energetic appeal for their growing fan base.  Ryan strikingly unleashed the band’s explosive potential, recording “Chronic Satisfaction” with all members playing live in true rock concert style, each track recorded in a single take.  The rich and vibrant singles scream volumes about the band members’ technical abilities and solid musicianship.  “Our new album is an honest, modern progression of rock-and-roll,” explains front man Michael Gossard. “We made a rock record in a land of electro, and we pride ourselves in staying true to our genre. . . we wanted that energetic performance quality, and so we really had to be on top of our groove in the studio.”  Ryan reflects that “Michael Gossard and ACIDIC bring much greater creative depth than one normally finds in bands their age.  Much like Green Day, their music is evolving from raw punk-rock influences to a more sophisticated sound based on real songwriting and melody.”

 “Chronic Satisfaction” kicks off with the spirited and melodic track “Uninspired,” a song Gossard describes as an “ode to nostalgia” – classic rock blended with upbeat, catchy choruses.  Currently available for listening at, “Uninspired” features Gossard’s smooth vocals floating over the melody as funky distortion effects resonate off the rock-and-roll vibes. The songs “Call for More” and “Goodbye,” written by Gossard, feature driving bass lines and complex guitar riffs.  Of the creative process, Gossard shares “I like to write songs about everything that goes wrong in life.  That’s the best inspiration I think, writing music that makes constructive use of that negatively influenced energy.”

 A truly anthemic feature of the album is “The Brave.” Gossard wrote the song as a tribute to the military men ACIDIC performed for while touring on military bases Bondsteel, Ramstein, and Spangdahlem in Kosovo and Germany last winter.  Rich with intense bass lines and drums braced against empowering lyrics, “The Brave” speaks to the “valor and courage of these men and women, many of whom had been on the front lines,” says Gossard. “It was incredibly inspiring to perform for them, to spend New Year’s with them and laugh and hear their amazing stories.”

 Having toured with successful acts Hawthorne Heights and Filter, ACIDIC doesn’t take lightly the honor of working with experienced musicians.  “Every time we tour, we become more experienced and inspired,” explains Gossard.  “After we return, we find ourselves writing songs that reflect the sound and attitude of the band we just played with.”  Richard Patrick, the lead singer for Filter, instilled in ACIDIC wise advice: ‘Learn to isolate what it is in music that the people like, and figure out a way to make it better.’

 Reflecting on the exciting and challenging journey of recording “Chronic Satisfaction,” Gossard shares, “It was an honor working with John Ryan. We originally came from the garage. . . our goal now is to play for as many people as possible and reach out as far as we can.  Being able to work with John and learn from his years of knowledge and experience and talent. . .what’s not to love?”

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