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A or B? World Premiere at The Falcon Theatre Review – Slick Romantic Comedy

By Ester Benjamin Shifren

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Sparks start flying when Abby Morgan (Jules Willcox) and Ben Steele (Jason Dechert) meet in corporate New York City during a job interview for a high-profile marketing job. Are they destined to become lovers or co-workers? Is it possible to be both?  This romantic comedy carries two stories in one, turning romance on its head as Abby and Ben travel down parallel lives, pitting destiny versus choice, love versus career, ambition versus passion and man versus woman.




The entire theme alternates between sexy red and platonic blue, both in costuming and lighting, to portray the different scenarios of its parallel scenes. Ken Levine’s cleverly woven, racy story is superbly and slickly performed by both actors, who expertly pick up the thread between color and scenario changes without skipping a beat!



Ben pushes to take a bath in Abby’s apartment because, “I only have a shower at my place,” and invites Abby to join him, enticing her with sensual hair washing. Does she succumb? When he discovers a large pack of condoms in her kitchen she denies ownership, saying, “They never make it from the kitchen to the bedroom!” He teasingly asks whether Abby has “bulk” sex.

Abby has a meltdown when, during a call back home, she accidently discovers that her pet cat, Whiskers, had demised two years before. The tides turn with a show of her vulnerability and emotion—in both red and blue scenarios.



The repartee and wit are scintillating with many one-line allusions to prominent political figures, national leaders, and heads of state. An appreciative audience enjoyed some one-liners about Los Angelinos, who, “though not afraid of earthquakes, fear gluten!” Throughout the show the innuendo, sparring, and banter is provocative, delightful or delicious!

I highly recommend this unique, unusual production. The world premiere of A or B? is full of surprises and never disappointing!

Kudos to writer par excellence Ken Levine, and Director Andrew Barnicle. Jeremy Pivnick’s lighting effects, that contributed so much to the show, deserve special mention, as do the costuming and set design by Bruce Goodrich. The entire production team are responsible, in no small measure, for the success of the World Premiere of A or B?

It's important to mention that The Falcon Theatre in Burbank is a plush, intimate, 130-seat professional theatre with movie-theatre-type seats. It was built by Director/Writer/Producer Garry Marshall and his daughter, Kathleen Marshall LaGambina. Mr. Marshall founded The Falcon as a place where established artists and emerging talent can come together to create exciting work on stage.

WHAT: World Premiere of A or B?

Ken Levine (Writer) With a career spanning over 30 years, Levine worked as the head writer of MASH, producer of Cheers, creative consultant of Frasier and Wings, wrote episodes for The SimpsonsThe Jeffersons, and Becker amongst many others.

Andrew Barnicle (Director) served as artistic director of The Laguna Play­house from 1991 through 2010.  In that time he produced over 100 shows and directed over 40 of them, including many World, U.S., West Coast and Southern California premieres.

PRODUCTION TEAM: Bruce Goodrich (Set and Costume Designer), Jeremy Pivnick (Lighting Designer), Drew Dalzell (Sound Designer), John McElveney (Prop Designer), Sandi Logan (Casting Director), Dale Alan Cook (Stage Manager)

CAST:  Jason Dechert and Jules Willcox

PHOTOS: Jill Mamey            

PREVIEWSOctober 15 -18 at 8pm; October 19 at 4pm;
October 22 & 23 at 8pm

OPENING NIGHT: Friday, October 24, 2014 at 8pm

SHOW CLOSESSunday, November 16, 2014 at 4pm

PERFORMANCES: Wed. – Sat. at 8pm, Sun. at 4pm                                                                     


Previews $31.50 – $34.00

Opening Night $54.00 – $59

Weekdays (Wed/Thurs)  $36.50 – $39.00

Weekends (Fri/Sat/Sun) $41.50 – $44.00

Student Rate (valid student ID) $29.00                       

WHERE: Falcon Theatre, 4252 Riverside Dr., Burbank, CA 91505

TICKETS: (818) 955-8101 or at The FalconTheatre



Published on Oct 26, 2014

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