Sky High

Coming of age superheros

Disney's original comedy, 'Sky High', which opens this Friday, July 29th, is the perfect summer action-packed family movie. I brought along two discerning critics with me to the 11 year old son, Tyler and my 8 year old acting student, Sierra Powell. Kids in this age range make for great critics you get the cold hard truth! And they both loved this one.

As we settled in with our popcorn and Icees at the famed El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood, this film caught our fancy right from the start as it took us on an action-packed adventure which kept up the pace and excitement with colorful visuals, inventive special effects and lots of fun antics.


Frosh naivety


In this story where the everyday reality of ordinary teenagers joins forces with a fantastical super hero world, teenage sons and daughters of superhero parents are freshman entering Sky High where the kids go to develop their superpowers as they go through their crime-fighting puberty.


Will finds his specialty


"Sky High' is out of this world' literally. It's a secret high school (giving new meaning to the word 'high') up in the clouds, held there by some kind of futuristic magnetic technology. It's an out-of-this world yet completely recognizable place where cool gadgetry, rampant bravery and awe-inspiring magical skills mix it up with parental battles, peer pressure and dating trouble with explosively fun results.

Full-fledged action hero



Michael Angarano, who is one of Hollywood's most promising young actors, stars as Will Stronghold, the son of the world's most legendary superheros.



Kurt Russell stars as the Commander, Will's dad, and is celebrating his 40th anniversary with Disney, where he began his career as a child star. He is as adorable and funny as ever, capturing the spirit of the Commander with irrepressible and irresistible camp.


The ultimate parents

Kelly Preston stars as Jetstream. After seeing her win celebrity Fear Factor, I completely buy her as a super hero. She has an amazingly graceful power about her and was perfect in the role. The two had great chemistry as nurturing yet commanding super parents.

There is a lot of originality to this film, which I think takes it to another level. This has all of the elements that make for a great kids movie, and parents love it too.

Actress Sierra Powell, 8, is all smiles after seeing Sky High.



Kid's vote? Two thumbs up!

In theatres July 29th.

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