Warning Magazine: A Free Glossy for College Good Times

Warning Magazine snagged the Queen of Pop for its very first cover.

There's a newbie in college town' slick, dressed to impress, loves a good party and best of all, yours for the taking. Yep, it's Warning magazine, a full-color, entertainment glossy that will be distributed gratis seven times a year to major universities in Athens, Baton Rouge, Birmingham, Bloomington, Gainesville, Knoxville, Lafayette, Louisville, Los Angeles, Memphis, Nashville, New Orleans, Tallahassee, Tempe and Tuscaloosa.

Published by the same company that brought us Uber-Warning models and Uber Vintage t-shirts, Warning magazine targets the young, hip and party-hopping crowd with one-page articles on just about anything under the sun: trends, fashion, music, technology, relationship issues, college and career advice, current events, nightlife, student concerns, local art, health, dining, sports and more. Whew! Ironically, this noble

Kelly Nishimoto CEO Paul Weinberg and LA LeLounge President Barbi Ongwico

quest to be as diverse and all-encompassing as their readers' iTunes arsenal may well turn out to be the magazine's Achilles heel.

But first, the launch. Hosted by events promotion and production company L.A. LeLounge at the 'members only' Friars Club of Beverly Hills on September 15, Warning magazine's debut featured lots of beautiful people, no-host bars with free hors d'oeuvres, Uber-Warning models on a catwalk, top tunes from DJ Journey of Sirius Radio, and of course, velvet ropes, table service and swag for the elite of the elite. All in all, it had all the right ingredients for a glam and successful Los Angeles launch.

But can the magazine itself hold up? Printed on thick, glossy paper with lots of colorful images and university-specific articles, Warning magazine definitely looks more appealing than other free pubs, which are usually printed on uncoated or newsprint paper. What's more, the Queen of

Guests enjoyed a smorgasbord of yummy hors d'oeuvres, including chicken satay, beef sticks, bbq chiciken, curry rolls, potato pancakes and breaded shrimp.

Pop herself graces the premiere issue (although Madonna is practically unrecognizable on the front cover), showing that the magazine has the industry connection, advertising support and funding chops to succeed.

And yet, there are some hurdles. First, the magazine has no unifying voice and the writing reads like a mosaic of individual styles. Second, although diverse, most of the articles felt fluffy and shallow. And third, there were some typos. For a free magazine that's still filling its ranks and trying to get its feet off the ground, these sins are forgivable, but the editorial staff and publishers better beware: glitter and gloss can only seduce readers for so long. In the end, it's the substance that counts.

Uber-Warning models walked the runway wearing Uber Vintage clothing, NYSUTA jewelry and tag+ jeans.

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