Universal Studios Hollywood Review - The Entertainment Capital Of L.A.

If your visiting Southern California and are looking to have tons of fun with  family and friends, there’s only one place you have to visit—The Entertainment Capital Of L.A. – Universal Studios Hollywood!

Universal Studios Hollywood

Universal Studios Hollywood will grant you an awesome action-packed visit for you, your friends and family! Your visit will be filled with electrifying new rides and entertaining new shows. You can even take a tour of a real life movie studio in action!

I will say this— Universal Studios Hollywood is now my favorite attraction in Southern California!

Universal Studios Hollywood - The Entertainment Capitol Of L.A.

It was my younger brother’s 20th birthday and he came to visit me here in Los Angeles from San Jose, California. He wanted me to take him somewhere were he would have an unforgettable birthday. So of course, I thought of Universal Studios Hollywood!

The first attraction we decided to visit in the park was Universal’s House Of Horrors. At first, going into the haunted house I didn’t think I would get too afraid. Boy was I wrong. Universal’s House Of Horrors was the scariest haunted house I’ve ever been to! It was great! If you want to be frightened, believe me, you will not leave the haunted house disappointed! I screamed my head off throughout the whole house! I came face-to-face with all the dreadful characters—Chucky, Frankenstein, Wolf Man and God knows who else I ran into. I had to cover my eyes because I was so horrified! I can see why HauntWorld Magazine voted Universal’s House Of Horrors the Best Year Around Haunted Attraction in America! It was awesome!

My brother is a huge fan of the Terminator movies so we definitely had to visit Terminator 2: 3DTerminator 2: 3D is a combination of live and 3D entertainment. You witness first hand the makings of new Terminator Robots inside Cyberdyne Systems Corporation, until Ben and Sarah Connor try and save the human race from Judgment Day with these new robots! You’ll be caught right in the middle of the war that will have you at the edge of your seats!

The Simpsons Ride

“Woo-Hoo! It’s New!” We couldn’t wait to visit Universal’s The Simpsons Ride! This new ride has made a huge impact on the park. Just like most people in America, being Simpson fans, we were stoked to get on this ride. For this attraction, we joined the whole Simpson gang: Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, and Maggi for a crazy, wild experience through Krusty the Clown’s theme park Krustyland! This new ride is nothing but pure fun and excitement as your flying, floating, dodging, and crashing your way through! The Simpsons Ride was by far our favorite ride we’ve been on in a long time!

My brother and I are always up for roller coasters and we needed some speed in our day, so we checked out Universal’s Revenge Of The Mummy – The Ride. Wow! This coaster left us breathless as unexpected turns and twists came at us right after one another! We liked it so much we went on it three times! Yah… it’s definitely two thumbs up!

Jurassic Park - The Ride

Right across from Universal’s Revenge Of The Mummy – The Ride resides Jurassic Park – The Ride! We came face-to-face with a 50-foot T-Rex and other cool dinosaurs that were larger than life! At the end of our raft tour through Jurassic Park we were dropped strait down an 84-foot waterfall! It was incredible!

We also visited Universal’s Shrek 4-D, Waterworld, Backdraft, and took a Studio Tour. The Studio Tour showed the entire Universal Studio movie lot and we were able to see scenes of famous movies. It was a pretty cool being behind the camera. It's an experience everyone should take part in!

If you like to shop and dine out you can check out Universal’s CityWalk where there are tons of shops and restaurants to choose from!


Universal Studios Hollywood is by far the most entertaining theme park in Southern California. It is jammed packed with exciting and new coasters, rides, and shows for the whole family to enjoy!

What was even better than just experiencing all the attractions in the park, was having Front Of Line Passes to all the attractions! This part was a surprise to my brother and his jaw dropped when he got his pass. Front Of Line Passes allows you to jump right in front of every line and get the best seats in the house on all rides, shows, and attractions! However, Universal has a limited daily supply so I advise you to purchase yours ASAP so you, too, can get the star treatment at Universal Studios Hollywood!

Movie Studio Tour

My brother's 20th birthday was such a blast for him and me. It was definitely an unforgettable day! He wants to return for his 21st birthday and so do I!

Visit www.UniversalStudiosHollywood.com to order your tickets to The Entertainment Capital of L.A. – Universal Studios Hollywood!


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