Tres Generaciones Tequila- Sunset Tequila at the W Westood

Tres Generaciones' National Tequila Ambassador Eddie Perales came out to the W Hotel in Westwood to chat tequila and share his seasonal cocktails. I must say, not a bad gig to be the National Tequila Ambassador. Not bad at all. Well that's what Eddie Perales is, one of three National Ambassadors for Tres Generaciones' Tequila brand.  The very personable and skilled bartender put on a delightful little soiree at the poolside of the W Hotel in Westwood. He also brought his enthusiasm and knowledge for tequila. Eddie served host to a small but game group of tequila connoisseurs who were ready to be wowed by the concoctions that Eddie could come up with using Tres Generaciones Tequila. The savvy bartender used a variety of fruits and other natural ingredients that really brought out the flavor of the tequila. I can say first hand that the the guests were very pleased with what Eddie came up with and were shocked to learn all of the ingredients that were going to used in their cocktails,  that is before they actually had a taste. After having a taste, everyone was all smiles and couldn’t wait to learn the recipes.

All the yummy ingredients

According to Tres Generaciones, “Eddie is always devising new ways to showcase the complex layers in flavor, the organic aroma of the agave and the enchanting silver, golden and amber hues of tequila.” Eddie, whose wife is a Chef, has come up with several recipes that really highlight the flavors of tequila, specifically Tres Generaciones.  Guests of the evening were privy to a private tasting of Eddie’s cocktails and were also lucky enough to take home some recipes for home use, with the challenge of making it just as good as Mr. Perales. Good luck trying for yourself and impressing your friends and guests.

Eddie Perales

The aptly named “Bells Will Be Ringing”, which contains 1 ½  oz Tres Generaciones Anejo, ½  oz Navan, 1 tsp Spiced Ginger Preserves, ½ tsp Fig Preserves and 1 ½ oz Fresh Orange Juice. (Muddle ginger and fig preserves and add remaining ingredients. Shake with ice and double strain into a cocktail glass. Garnish with an orange twist).

LA Splash Publisher Lawrence Davis with Eddie Perales

The moment appropriate “Obamarita” asks that you combine all of the following in a shaker filled with ice:  1 ½ parts Tres Generaciones Triple Distilled Plata Tequila, 3 parts Fresh Lemon Sour, ½ part Triple Sec, 1 ½ fresh Squeezed Lime and 1 part Brandy. Shake and pour and strain into a salt rimmed margarita glass filled with ice.

The Ambassador

One of my favorites was the “LA Love”. For this summer cocktail, one needs 1 ½ oz Tres Generaciones Anejo, 2 oz Fresh Lemon Sour and juice from ½ a lime, 1 tsp Fig Jam, ½ tsp Orange Marmalade, 4 large Basil Leaves and 4 large Wedges of peeled Granny Smith Green Apple and ½ Vanilla Bean.

To say that these ingredients are unconventional in a tequila cocktail is an understatement. To my sruprise, all of these various ingredients worked wonderfully to satisfy the palate and awaken the senses and one should not forget that the Tres Generaciones Tequila, straight no chaser, is also very smooth and tasty.

Tres Generaciones Tequila

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